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Need something different and unique to let your mum know that you care about her?

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Need something different and unique to let your mum know that you care about her?

It sounds like you might need Quirksy’s special brand of humour, so take a walk through our online store and give her something that will make her smile.

Finding the perfect gift for your mum might not always be the easiest task. Out of fresh, new ideas? Let’s look at our top gifts & gift ideas for mums everywhere.

Funny gifts & gift ideas for her birthday

If you’ve decided that you want to take a funny approach to her birthday present, you can definitely pull it off with a Quirksy birthday gift basket overflowing with funny small trinkets that will make her laugh.

The Motherfucking Girl Power Women’s Socks is an easy choice since we know how much strength she needed to raise a family. You can get the I’m Not Bossy, I’m The Boss flavour in either socks or a cute oven mitt - and its a fitting gift for a woman who’s been running an entire household.

You know what else we think a busy mum would love? The Carpe Out Of This Diem Women’s Socks, just for those moments when she needs time to herself.

If you have a cool feminist mother like we wish we had there are plenty of gift options that will not only draw out a chuckle, but they’ll keep up with her political beliefs.

You can try the vibrant design of the More Feminism Less Bullshit pair, or the awesome I’m A Girl, What’s Your Superpower socks or pencil case.   

If we’re still on socks, but you think she wouldn’t like wearing her feminist statements on them, well, we also have a few more laid-back, but definitely just as hilarious options - like the Go Away I’m Introverting socks, the I Was Fucking Talking pair or the timeless Boss Lady women’s socks.

Okay, she’s not a fan of socks -  what to get her? The My Favorite Salad is Wine Oven Mitt might do the trick. Or, you can roll with hygiene products and cosmetics, but with a funny twist: an opinionated bar of I’m Not Bossy Luxury Soap, a hilarious Let’s Just Assume I’m Never Wrong Gum or a Brilliant And Bossy Soap.

Throw in a luxury Lip Shit lip balm in her favourite scent (we have Orange - Mango, Vanilla - Cardamom, Watermelon - Tangerine, Apple-Ginger, Coconut-Basil and yummy Raspberry - Lemongrass) and your gift basket is going to be a thing of beauty.   

If you’re not shopping for your own mum, but a friend or a family member who’s a new mum, we know just the gift for her - the endlessly amusing Accept That You’ve Had A Baby Gum (or the Saving Up For A Little Baby Tin Bank for that matter, just because she needs to be prepared).

Unique gifts & gift ideas for your mum

Running a household requires a lot of shopping, so we definitely think she’ll appreciate the So Much To Do Shopper bag or the Hero Shopper bag (because she can relate) or any other sassy tote in Quirksy’s collection for that matter.  We think that the Hands Off My Lunch Handy Tote or the Eat Your Feelings Handy Tote are both kinda cute, and that last one is perfect if she’s a midnight muncher.

If you just want to get her something really pretty our recommendation would be to ditch the statement totes and get her either our Plant Study Shopper or the Special Unicorn Handy Tote, because they are super lovely.

The best gifts & gift ideas for her household

Is your mum the kind of woman that always made sure there’s a meal on your table?

Here are our top gift ideas for a mum that likes her kitchen stuff - Beerdy, the Magnetic Bottle Opener might be the cutest new gadget for her kitchen, while a good oven mitt like the I’ve Got A Knife Oven Mitt is practically a classic in every mum’s household.

And here’s something quirky as hell, but really, really practical - the BeepEgg Disco Egg Timer! She’ll definitely realize it’s something she didn’t know she needed when she uses it for the first time.

It’ll get perfectly boiled eggs for the entire family, every time, and serenade everybody to death while it’s at it. Good news if she’s not a disco fan - we have two more flavours - BeepEgg Elvis and BeepEgg Rock.

Seriously, we have plenty of stuff for the household - from cute little trinkets like the Butterfly Paper Lantern to pretty useful kitchen items like the Charles Wine Cooler & Spout, the Stainless Steel Ice Diamonds or the Stainless Steel Ice Pearls.

But if you really want to show your appreciation and invest in a good present there are options like the high - quality Big Trim Knife Block & Knife Set that will truly make her happy.

You can definitely check out our kitchenware section if you’d love some more options of kitchen gadgets for your mum.

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We hope there was something in our off-the-charts funny selection that caught your eye because every mum deserves to feel appreciated!

Still haven’t found the perfect gift for her?

Our Personal Care, Homeware, and even Tech section all have brilliant gifts, and you might want to keep an eye on what’s on sale while you’re browsing because you might land a sweet deal on a great, funny gift.

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