18th Birthday Present Ideas


It's a big moment in a young person's life, you do not want to get the gift wrong! (Hint: young people like funny things.)

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It's a big moment in a young person's life, you do not want to get the gift wrong! (Hint: young people like funny things.)

Birthdays are always these exciting times in everyone’s life, especially the 18th birthday - one of the biggest milestones in life. So, whether you’re trying to find a present for a friend or a family member, for her or for him – Quirksy’s got you covered!

18th birthday presents should be everything but traditional and boring to celebrate this momentous moment in every person’s life. Teenagers who cross the bridge to adulthood, or at least to semi-adulthood, appreciate unusual and unique gifts – and this is where we come in to help you think a little out of the box.

We have plenty of interesting and quirky present ideas to show you for every 18-year-old out there. Whether your shopping for the boy or girl who’s going straight to college, straight to work or maybe for one who’s decided to take some time and travel – take a look at what we have to offer and choose the gift he or she would find irresistible.

18th Birthday Present Ideas for Those Going to College

Is the 18th-year-old individual in question going straight to college? Great. So, how about making their studies a tad more fun and get them some super-cool bookmarks? Yes, bookmarks can be a fun gift, just take a look at the Lightmark and the Zipper bookmarks. They’re both unusual and useful, just the thing every student needs.

Since besides books students nowadays use laptops to help their studies, the Bentley Continental Supersports Wireless Click Car mouse is something they can certainly show off with. It’s cool, quirky, and practical – a great birthday present for every 18-year-old who uses a laptop.

18th Birthday Present Ideas for Those Going to Work

If the birthday boy or girl in question is planning to work as soon as high school ends, give them the coolest socks they’ve ever seen that’ll mark this occasion. The Adult in Training men’s socks and the Adult in Training women’s socks will not only keep their feet warm but remind everyone that their owner is slowly stepping into the world of adulthood, which is a big deal for sure.

You can add the Allergy to Work mint candy just to make the gift even more fun.

For the guys who are growing a beard, the Best Damn Beard Balm is something that’ll surely help in the process. Help him achieve a more mature look with this amazing beard balm that’ll fit right into his pocket.

For the ladies, the Airmail Shopper is just the thing they need. It has a great design, enough space for their shopping, and 95% of it is made from recyclable materials. A perfect birthday gift for the environmentally conscious girl.

18th Birthday Present Ideas for the Travelers

If the 18-year-old you’re shopping has decided to take some time after high school to travel, we’ve got you covered with some awesome present ideas.

The Extreme Solar Charger is something every 18-year-old out there will absolutely love. Well, if he or she uses electronic devices like smartphones and tablets – and who doesn’t in this day and age? This solar charger is eco-friendly and portable, just the thing every teenager needs so they always have their electronic devices charged at all times.

The 3 Part Traveller Set is another very useful gift that any traveler will appreciate. There’s a luggage scale, a lock for the bag, and an identification tag so the luggage can always make its way home in case it ever gets lost.  

How about a great set of binoculars for the nature-lovers out there? The Challenger binoculars are not only super-sleek and stylish but will also make them see all the amazing details nature tends to hide from the human eye.

Don’t Forget About the Card

What’s a birthday present without a card? Surprise the 18-year-old with the quirkiest cards online. The Birthday Pie Chart card, the I’m So Special card, and the Let the Cake Murder Begin card are just a few of the many birthday cards we have on our list. So, take your time and choose the one they’ll find most funny.

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