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Find The Best Gift Ideas Under $50

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Find The Best Gift Ideas Under $50

Welcome to Quirksy, the best place online where you can buy the quirkiest gifts under $50 for any occasion.

Are you on a limited budget yet have to buy a present for someone special? No worries, at Quirksy you’ll find the most interesting and quirky gifts that fit every budget.

Do you need a Valentine’s Day gift, a birthday present, or maybe something cool for a friend or a co-worker? We’ve got it all, so take a look at our gifts under $50 and find something for everyone on your list. If you’re looking for something cheaper take a look at our under $20 section. However, if $50 and under is your budget, check out the following gift ideas for the household, for him, and for her, and find the best gift for the recipient in question without blowing out your budget. Ready? Let’s roll!

Best Vintage-Inspired Yet Modern Gifts for the Household

Are you trying to find something for a person who appreciates the retro style? We’ve got you covered with our vintage-inspired gifts with a modern twist which only adds to their uniqueness. Surprise your nostalgic friend and give them a practical retro gift for the household that’ll surely take them down memory lane and put a smile on their face.

A great combination of something practical and old-fashioned with a modern touch is the Sugar House sugar bowl. It looks like a simple yet elegant snow bowl, but its purpose isn’t to just be in the kitchen looking pretty. Its main purpose, of course, is to look after the sugar, so make sure that the gift recipient is someone who takes their coffee or tea with sugar and you have a winner.

While a true retro kitchen egg timer looks like, well, an ordinary egg, ours comes with a special twist! The BeepEgg Elvis egg timer not only looks like the great Elvis Presley, but it also serenades the three most popular Elvis songs once the eggs have reached the desired degree of hardness. There are three different levels, therefore three different songs: Viva Las Vegas for soft eggs, Jailhouse Rock for medium eggs, and Hound Dog for hard eggs. Just make sure that the gift recipient isn’t vegan and you’re good to go.

Remember the cat eye glasses with pointed corners which were very popular in the 50s and 60s? Those were the main inspiration for the Ms Spectacles clock. It’s quirky and cool, with a fun twist. Every time you need to check out the time, all you have to do is look at the pupils. The hours are marked in the left eye while the minutes in the right, so her gaze always changes as the minutes/hours change. This fun blast from the past also has its male counterpart, the Mr Mustache clock, so check out both and choose the one you think your friend will prefer.

Best Gifts Under $50 for Him

Do you know a beer lover who drinks their beer warm? Us neither, so if a beer-lover is your gift recipient, we’ve got the perfect one. If you want to get a beer-related gift then look no further from this useful and definitely interesting creation. Beer Chiller Set is a set of two coolers made specifically for beer bottles. This product will turn warm beer into cold or keep the cold beer chilled for a longer period of time. Perfect for chilling the beer without diluting it.

Some guys prefer hard liquor instead of beer. If you’re searching for a gift for someone like that, check out the Stainless Steel Ice Cubes. You’ll get four cubes that won’t dilute the drink and can be used for an unlimited number of times.

Another idea for a gift for him is this amusing Vladimir Pootin' Lavatory Mist. Make problems disappear and use it for more than 500 times to cover up the smell. It’s unquestionably a funny gift, and also practical. You can find it with other scents and names, like Kim Jong-un's Mighty Big Bomb Lavatory Mist or Jack The Ripper Lavatory Mist.

Do you need a gift for a guy who’s a king in the kitchen and loves to cook? We have the perfect one! The Feed You Fuckers oven mitt will not only be very useful for the man in question, but it’s so quirky that he’ll laugh his head off.

If by any chance you can’t decide on a gift but would like to get him something from Quirksy, then you can get him a gift card for the money you planned to spend.

Best Gifts Under $50 for Her

There are many cool gifts you can get her for a price of under $50. This one is ideal for everyone that likes writing notes, lists, reminders, or to-do lists on pieces of paper. Eskimemo - Arctic Memo Station has a very cool and quirky design. It’s not only handy, but it will also look pretty on her work desk.

For girls that like making or drinking cocktails, Cockail Stick Coolers would be an awesome and convenient gift. You get two sticks that won't dilute the cocktail while stirring them to make the drink cool. As an alternative to this product, you have the Freeze It Glass Ice Cubes that have the same function, but are six and much more colorful.

There are quite a few cooking/kitchen gifts you can get at Quirksy and Moby Lid is one of them. This silicone cap can be used for many different sizes of pots and dishes and will keep the food fresh since it creates a vacuum. Another idea for a food-related gift is for those who want the perfect breakfast is the  Ei-Brett Breakfast Board. It has space for boiled eggs and for butter and its elegant and minimalistic look will win everyone. If you have it, you wouldn’t use plates for breakfast anymore.

If the girl you are searching a gift for is someone who carries a medium to large handbag, then the following gadget will surely be practical. SOI.+ Handbag Light is a light designed for handbags which turns on automatically when a person starts searching their bag. It’ll save them time, since, statistically speaking,  the average woman spends 2 to 3 months in her life only searching for things in her bag. What a time-saver, right?