60th Birthday Present Ideas


We don't sell gold watches, but that's so 20th Century! Get them ready for old age the fun way with Quirksy's huge variety of the most unique 60th Birthday Gifts and Presents at far more affordable prices.

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We don't sell gold watches, but that's so 20th Century! Get them ready for old age the fun way with Quirksy's huge variety of the most unique 60th Birthday Gifts and Presents at far more affordable prices.

Shopping for a special and thoughtful 60th birthday present? Check out our collection of unique and quirky 60th birthday gifts and find the best present to honour this special occasion.

Each birthday is a special occasion worth celebrating. That being said, turning 60 is a milestone that deserves a special recognition, so what better way to recognize this momentous birthday than with a great gift that’ll be treasured for years to come? Whether you’re shopping for your mum, dad, grandmother, grandfather, spouse - or just a good friend - Quirksy’s got your back , because we’ve got something for everyone!

Whoever that special 60-year-old is, they must have received tons of gifts by now, so why not choose something for them that will stand out from the rest?

Yes, the perfect present will be hard to find since they probably have everything they need – but if you wanted something that’s merely useful you wouldn’t have been shopping at Quirksy!

Don’t play it safe with another boring mug, sweater, or tie and buy them something special for their 60th birthday this year using our fabulous present ideas.

60th Birthday Gifts & Present Ideas for Women

The special lady who celebrates her 60th birthday surely deserves something useful yet beautiful, and we’ll give you a few wonderful recommendations based on her interests and personality- but don’t forget to check out the full list as well.

Is she a tea lover who never misses her afternoon cup of tea? Then she’ll be delighted with the following quirky tea strainers. The Audrey tea strainer is a beautiful flower-shaped strainer that fits every cup, perfect for anyone who’s into gardening or has a few plants around the house. If she’s more of a cat-person the Mimmi tea strainer would be the perfect choice for a birthday gift!

If the birthday gal is someone who’s worked hard all her life and deserves a break, the Relax massage tool will surely help her to put her feet up and unwind. It easies tense muscles and relaxes both body and the mind, so just choose your preferred colour and don’t think twice!

How about something more elegant for the house? If she loves reading newspapers, magazines, or other types of print publications, the Milano magazine stack is something that she’ll surely love. It’ll keep everything in one place while adding a tasteful touch to the interior of her living room or bedroom. It comes in four different colours, so choose the one that’ll fit the interior design of her place perfectly and delight her with this timeless rack.

For the woman who loves to bake and surprise her loved ones with delicious cookies, fruits, or other sweets, take a look at this gorgeous L Babell fruit dish. Let her present those delicious baked goods in a beautiful manner and delight everyone at the table, and don’t forget to choose the colour you think she’ll like best!

60th Birthday Gifts & Present Ideas for Men

Men are slightly more tricky to shop for than women, especially those who’ve been receiving gifts for years & years, so we wouldn’t be surprised if you’re in need of inspiration.If that’s the case you have nothing to worry about since we’ll give you some amazing 60th birthday gift ideas that’ll show your favourite 60-year-old just how much you care.

Let’s start with the Stainless Steel ice cubes. If your dad, grandfather or partner likes to enjoy a good drink occasionally  ( or just happens to pride himself with his mini-bar collection), these beautiful ice cubes will definitely make a great gift. They’re classy and they’ll add a sophisticated touch to his hard liquor. . If he’s more of a beer kind of guy, the Beer Chiller set will make his life easier -especially if he tends to forget to refrigerate the beer. A great present for a great man, don’t you think?

If he doesn’t enjoy alcoholic drinks but loves his morning coffee, we’ve got something special in store. The wonderful Unplugged coffee machine makes the perfect gift for every coffee lover, especially the 60-year-old in your life who’s not so great with new technologies. The reason why this coffee machine is great is precisely its simplicity. All it requires is some hot water, a filter, ground beans – and that’s it, he can get brewing!!

Does he have a great beard that he religiously takes care of? Help him out and surprise him with the Best Damn beard balm. The quirky name will surely put a smile on his face and it’s exactly what he’ll get – made with lanolin, cocoa butter, and other great ingredients, it does its job pretty well. It’ll keep his beard moisturized while giving it a super-pleasant fragrance.

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At Quirksy, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best present ideas for any occasion, so we hope you’ve found the gift you’ve been looking for. If you just can’t make up your mind for only one gift from the list above, we have the perfect solution! A gift card can sometimes be even more appreciated than an actual gift, so choose one of the four different price-points available and surprise that special special 60-year-old in your life.

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