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Kris Kringle? We have you covered, with the quirkiest, most amusing range of gifts under $20 you'll find anywhere! 


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Kris Kringle? We have you covered, with the quirkiest, most amusing range of gifts under $20 you'll find anywhere! 


Buy the coolest, quirkiest, and most amusing Kris Kringles this Christmas at Quirksy, where gifts are made fun!

Are you in dire need of Kris Kringles, otherwise known as Secret Santa gifts this Christmas? Since you’re at Quirksy, let’s assume that you are, so you can thank the universe for bringing you here. Why? Well, at Quirksy, you can buy the best Kris Kringles, since, after all, this gift-giving tradition is all about giving and receiving some fun, weird, quirky, and interesting presents, with a touch of silly.  

Are you struggling to find the perfect Kris Kringle this year? We hope to inspire you by recommending some great Secret Santa gift ideas both for the office and the family, but make sure to check out our full list of Kris Kringle gifts so you find the best one. Here are the perfect gift ideas for a co-worker or a member of your family, and the best thing is -you don’t even have to leave your home to buy them. Happy Hunting!

Kris Kringle Gift Idea for the Office Prankster

Do you have a hard time choosing a gift for the office prankster? Look no more, because we’ve got just the one - but make sure he owns a bike first. The Bike Balls bicycle lights are just like any other bicycle lights, only they’re not really. Their function is the same, of course, to boost your visibility and safety. However, as you can see they’re shaped like, well, balls, your coworker will not only laugh his head off when he sees them but he’ll be extra-protected on the streets since these lights are super-noticeable.

Kris Kringle Gift Idea for the Coworker You Barely Know

Are you trying to find something interesting for the coworker you don’t really know so well? If the gift recipient is a person to who you’ve barely spoken, we’ve got the right gift. The Eskimemo – Arctic Memo Station is the quirkiest memo-pad we’ve seen so far. It’ll look cool on any desk while transforming it into a more amusing office space that your coworker will surely love.

Kris Kringle Gift Idea for the Office Friend

How about checking out our collection of socks? Don’t worry, we know that socks can be the worst gift possible, but not at Quirksy. The ones we have are fun and quirky, like the Carpe the F*ck Out of This Diem men’s socks or the Take no Shit women’s socks. See how our socks make a great Kris Kringle? Take a look at the whole collection, and trust us, you won't be sorry.

Kris Kringle Gift Idea for the Office Cat Lover

If you drew a cat-loving coworker for Kris Kringle, we have plenty of gifts to offer. We’ve already established that Quirksy socks are everything but lame, so how about getting her the My Cat is Cool as F*ck women’s socks? A combination of practicality and quirkiness is the perfect Kris Kringle. Another fun + useful gift would be the Humans R My Side Bitch tea towel, but what about the male cat lovers out there? We have plenty for them as well, so take a look at the Thanks for Scooping My Poop hand sanitizer that is sure to give him a meowy and fun Christmas, and just get it - you know it would make anybody laugh.

Kris Kringle Gift Idea for the Parents

Is your dad the person you drew for Kris Kringle? Surprise him with something he can display on the mini bar, like the Lasso bottle holder. It’s mysterious yet interesting and useful, a gift your dad will surely love. If your mum, on the other hand, always makes sure that everything is perfect when setting up the table, surprise her with something that’ll help her out. These Bloom napkin holders will beautify any table when it’s time for lunch or dinner, and make the Christmas dinner this year even more perfect.

Kris Kringle Gift Idea for the Husband/Wife

So, you drew the man you know and love the most but want to get him something different this year? If he likes his cheese, the Gratiator cheese grater might be a fun idea, but if you’re thinking about getting him something that’ll make him chuckle instantly, then look no further than the I Love My Penis hand sanitizer.

If your wife has a quirky sense of humour, she’ll surely like the Hand Shit hand cream. This high-quality hand cream with a funky name and cute packaging makes a great Kris Kringle that she’ll use for months to come. Want to make it even greater? Add the I Love You, You’re Fucking Amazing soap and you’re good to go.

Kris Kringle Gift Idea for the Children

Who says that bookmarks are a boring gift? If your child is old enough to read, take a look at the Crocomark and the Lightmark bookmarks. They don’t only have an interesting look but will make reading more entertaining which is, of course, always a plus when it comes to your kids.