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Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells rock,

Come to Quirksy if you want a card or a sock.

(Disclaimer: I suck at writing Christmas carols.)

Choose the perfect Christmas gift for your friends and family from our new Christmas collection.

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Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells rock,

Come to Quirksy if you want a card or a sock.

(Disclaimer: I suck at writing Christmas carols.)

Choose the perfect Christmas gift for your friends and family from our new Christmas collection.

Christmas is the most magical time of year. We Australians may not have an enchanted winter wonderland outside, but there’s one thing all of us who celebrate Christmas have in common – the tradition of exchanging gifts. This is why Christmas can be a source of great stress for many, but luckily we’re here to change that once and for all with our wide range of Christmas gifts for everyone!

At Quirksy, we’re determined to help you find the best Christmas gifts for everyone on your list. Whether you’re trying to find a present for your girlfriend or wife, your boyfriend or husband, your mother, father, male or female friends, even older children – we’ve got you covered! If you take a look at our Christmas gift ideas you’ll realize that this year you’ll be the gift-giving champion since here at Quirksy you’ll find the quirkiest, funniest, most unusual and unique yet practical gifts that everyone on your list will absolutely love.

If you want to find something that doesn’t suck which will definitely not be forgotten the next day, you’ve come at the right place. So, check-out our Christmas gift ideas and buy the perfect gifts for all the people on your list today.

What are The Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Her?

Men oftentimes struggle to find the perfect gifts for the women in their lives, whether that’s the girlfriend, wife, mother, daughter, female friend, or another female relative. Since there isn’t one gift that’s suitable for every woman in your life, we’ll make this Christmas easier for you and give you some unique ideas that’ll help you with your Christmas shopping. After all, ‘tis the season to be jolly as opposed to stressed, so let’s begin.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Mothers

The woman who taught you and gave you everything deserves something special this Christmas, don’t you think? We have some interesting gifts to recommend that will not only put a smile on her face but will also be useful in her everyday life.

If your mum is a fan of Elvis Presley, you’ll make her day by giving her this Elvis egg timer. She can choose one of three different degrees of hardness, and when the eggs are done the timer will start playing one of the three most popular Elvis songs, depending on the chosen degree. At Quirksy we have lots of fun and unique kitchen tools like this one, so if you know what exactly it is that she needs – take a look at our list, we might just have it! If you want to go for a more sophisticated gift, this Milano magazine rack that comes in four different colors might be exactly what she needs. It’s very elegant and minimalistic so it’ll blend into any living room perfectly.

No matter what you choose for your mum, we have the perfect card to accompany the present. This Hey Mum, Remember That Time You Raised Me? card is a great way to tell her thanks for everything she’s done and make this a Christmas to remember.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Girlfriends / Wives

Your girlfriend or wife will expect a special and thoughtful gift this Christmas, so flowers and chocolates simply won’t do. Why not surprise her with something unexpected yet thoughtful?

Take a look at this beautiful, artsy Cora mirror which is also a jewellery holder. It can hold all of her bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other accessories and jewels both on the Medusa’s serpents and in the additional tray at the base. Is your wife or girlfriend looking at online recipes or YouTube videos on her tablet while cooking? Make this easier for her with the Cooklet, the tablet stand that she’ll surely appreciate, but also use outside of the kitchen.

We have plenty of other things that your special someone will love, so take a look at our Christmas gifts collection and  show her just how much you care.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Female Friends

Whether you need a gift for a co-worker, a female relative, or a friend, we have some interesting gifts to show you.

If your friend has cats or simply loves these furry little animals, the MIAOU bottle stopper will surely be her favorite guardian of her bottles. For women who like cute and practical kitchen gadgets, we have plenty of those. Take a look at this sweet Lemoniere lemon juicer, perfect for any cooking enthusiast. It’s clever, adorable-looking, and quirky – the perfect Christmas present for your dear friend.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Children – Teenage Girls

Teen girls are not easy to shop for, so take a look at our recommendations for this Christmas.

Since teens love gadgets for their smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices, we have the cutest gadget you can give your daughter. This adorable tiny lampshade easily transforms the annoying flashlight app into a charming night light, something she’ll surely appreciate and use. If she’s a Wonder Woman fan, take a look at these two wallets – the WW Mighty wallet and the WW Vintage Mighty Wallet. They’re gorgeous-looking, practical, and you can make your daughter’s Christmas even jollier by filling the wallet with some dollar bills. We guarantee that this will be one of her favorite Christmas presents this year.

What are The Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Him?

Whether you’re shopping for a friend, your boyfriend, husband, father, or son, one thing is certain – buying presents for the men in your life can be a bit challenging. We’re here to help, so don’t expect to find any boring or overplayed gifts like notebooks, sweaters, or ties. If what you need is something cool that’ll be used for years to come, read on.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Fathers

Show your dad how much you love and appreciate him by getting him something cool and useful at the same time.

This “magical” Chain bottle holder is the perfect example. It’s so peculiar, even mysterious since it creates the illusion that the bottle simply floats in the air. It’s the perfect addition to any mini bar and alcohol collection, something that your old man will appreciate very much. If you want to get him a bottle rack that can accommodate more bottles, this incredibly stylish Boa bottle rack can hold up to 5 bottles, so check it out. You can also help him keep his favorite drink chilled at all times without diluting the taste by getting him the Stainless Steel ice cubes. No matter his drink of choice, he’ll surely enjoy these very sophisticated ice cubes, even if he prefers non-alcoholic drinks.

Want to make your dad laugh? Add the Froggy glasses holder to the present and he’ll always have a place to put his glasses. If your dad more often than not loses and misplaces his glasses, he’ll be even more grateful.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriends / Husbands

If the special guy in your life likes his beer, he’ll love the following gift. The Beer Chiller set is the perfect present for all beer lovers who can’t stand to drink warm beer. We all know that putting ice-cubes in beer is a huge no-no. So, instead of returning it back in the fridge, your hubby can simply put the chiller in the bottle and continue drinking his chilled, delicious beer.

Does your man like to take care of his beard and skin? Surprise him and create your own kit by combining the Best Damn beard oil, the Big Ass brick of soap, and the Bloody Knuckles hand repair balm. Not only do these products have quirky and fun names, but they’re also high-quality and will make sure that your man looks and smells great.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Male Friends

We all have at least one friend who’s always the life to the party. If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for that friend who can take a joke, surprise him with the Bike Balls bicycle lights. Yes, they’re shaped like balls with red LED light so your friend will not only crack a smile once he sees them, but he’ll also ride safely since the lights are very visible at night.

Looking for a gift for a world adventurer? Take a look at this Elleven JetSetter travel wallet, a very practical gift that all travelers will find useful. It’s very nicely organized and he can store his most important documents and other stuff like a passport, credit cards, boarding pass, coins and bills, pens, USB memory sticks, even his smartphone can perfectly fit so it’s always safe.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Children – Teenage Boys

So what if your little boy isn’t so little anymore, he still expects a great gift this Christmas. We have something for every teenager, so let’s recommend you some awesome presents your son will love.

Teenagers today like everything that’s social media-related, so if your son doesn’t have a clock in his room or dorm room yet, or the one he has is just a regular, boring clock, we have the perfect one. The Thumbs Up clock is shaped like the thumbs up symbol on Facebook and will bring positivity into your boy’s room since this will be the first thing he’ll see every morning.

Is your son old enough to shave? If the answer is yes, there isn’t anyone who won’t like the Mr. Razor razor holder. It’s so fun to look at and very practical as well. He can easily stick it to a tile or the mirror in the bathroom and keep his razor clean and safe at all times.

Finally, if you’re not so sure what to give your boy this Christmas, this idea might seem genius. Moreover, we guarantee that he’ll absolutely love it. Take a look at our wallet collection, we recommend the Half Dollar Mighty wallet and the Star Wars Mighty wallet. The wallets are durable, water-resistant, and absolutely beautiful. So, why do we guarantee the success of this gift? Because you’ll put some dollar bills inside before giving it to your son, that’s why. Check out the other designs and find the one that you know your son will like.