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Quirksy: The Mid-Life Crisis Specialists.

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Quirksy: The Mid-Life Crisis Specialists.

At Quirksy, we’re definitely the mid-life crisis specialists, and turning 40 is up there with the biggest milestones in life. Out of ideas? We’re here to help.

If you’re scratching your head for a birthday gift for a friend or a family member, Quirksy’s selection is eclectic enough so that you can find a birthday present for any lucky 40-year old.    

Show your wife that’s she’s 40 and fabulous with an adorable Quirksy gift

One scroll through our collection is enough to convince you that you can find something for the lady of the house - and it won’t be boring.

The Duchess of Sassytown Women’s socks are a wonderful pair that will definitely show how much you appreciate her, and so will the Thou Art The Bomb Ankle Socks. Don’t let the sassy statements fool ya, they look ultra-modern and youthful and they’re very high quality.

Make his day with a great 40th birthday present

You’re searching for the perfect gift to surprise your husband? A pair of Mr. Perfect Men’s socks is guaranteed to cheer him up, but with our selection of funny men’s socks, you can even find a pair for an inside joke - like Mr.Fix It Men’s socks for example, or the lovely Thou Hath Balls socks.  

Want to have your dad cracking up on the morning of his birthday? Surprise him with a pair of Here Comes Cool Dad Men’s socks together with a special Quirksy greeting card. The Scares Your Family Tea Towel is also a great option - if he does “do something every day to scare the family” it’ll be the most perfect present ever.

Our hilarious collection has amazing 40th birthday gifts that you can either gift to him ironically, or because they’re cute and they’ll make his heart melt.

From Hot Commando Man BBQ aprons to Mr.Razor razor holders, or something from Duke Cannon’s collection of manly hygiene products, like this bar of Big Ass Brick of Soap, finding the perfect gift for his 40th birthday should be both entertaining and quick.   

Find the perfect 40th birthday gift for a friend

From funny statement jokes to cool household gadgets and accessories - oven mitts, tea towels, even BBQ powertools - finding just the right present to celebrate a friend’s 40th birthday should be a real piece of cake. They’re not to keen on their birthday? It might be time to crack a joke or two!

Include a bunch of So Fucking Old Baloons and call them out on it or take a more positive approach with a simple You Are Approximately The Best greeting card.

Order your 40th birthday gift at Quirksy and have it shipped the same day!

This list should serve as a guideline for some stress-free 40th birthday gift giving, but take a look at our other categories - you can find a gem of a gift that will be perfect for the person in question. We have gifts that will fit all kinds of budgets - from Under $10 to Under $200 so your present can be as expensive or as affordable as you want it to be.

Want to know what’s the best part? Whatever you order, we’ll ship it the same day - to any location in Australia, and we offer free shipping for orders over $59! Check out our shipping information page if you have any questions, and have fun shopping!