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Need something different and unique for your special lady? Quirksy’s funny approach to gifting your significant other is all you need for her anniversary, her birthday, or for any ordinary day, for that matter!

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Need something different and unique for your special lady? Quirksy’s funny approach to gifting your significant other is all you need for her anniversary, her birthday, or for any ordinary day, for that matter!

Finding the perfect gift for your lovely lady is not always as easy as it sounds. It’s tough early on when you’ve barely started dating, because you’re just learning more about each other and you probably want something she’ll like, but not too serious. When you’ve been together for a while, it can be tough for a completely different set of reasons - is there anything you haven’t gifted her with already?

Quirksy’s stuff might have you covered either way because our own special brand of humour and quirkiness can work wonders in both cases.   

Romantic gifts & gift ideas for her birthday (or your anniversary)

If you’ve decided that you want to take a funny approach to her birthday present, you can definitely pull it off with a Quirksy gift basket featuring a variety of practical, yet funny as hell, feminine products.

Why don’t we start off with the Motherfucking Girl Power Women’s Socks? If you have a feminist on your hands, those are the perfect gift - and they’ll definitely draw out a chuckle. As far as funny (and feminist) women’s socks go, we have plenty of variety. You can try the colourful design of either our Queen Of Bitch Mountain Crew Socks or the awesome More Feminism Less Bullshit pair. If nothing else works, the I’m A Girl, What’s Your Superpower pair will always make her heart flutter.

If we’re still on socks, but you think she wouldn’t like wearing her feminist statements on them, well, we also have a few more laid back, but definitely just as hilarious options - like the timeless Carpe The Fuck Out Of This Diem women’s socks.

Okay, so you need to find something else to put in her gift basket that is not a pair of socks - no matter how awesome they are. Naturally. Why don’t you try the Fifty Shades Of Brown Lavatory Mist if she’s a funny girl who also happens to love romance erotica? Accompanied by a cute bar of Motherfucking Girl Power or I Feel Like Me Around You Soap. Throw in a luxury Lip Shit lip balm in her favourite scent (we have Orange - Mango, Vanilla - Cardamom, Watermelon - Tangerine, and yummy Raspberry - Lemongrass) and you’d be ready to go.   

If you don’t want to overcomplicate things, you can always go simple with our awesome pair of Cat Eyed Leopard Sunglasses.

Shopping for Valentine? Take a look at our romantic gift ideas for her in our Valentines Day Gifts section!

Unique gifts & gift ideas for her

Today is just like any other day, no special occasion whatsoever, yet you still want to get her something and make her day? We have the best silly trinkets for such an occasion. Something like the You Have Grace, Dignity, And A Sweet Ass Soap will 100% make her go “awww”, and so will the You’re Beautiful, Don’t Change Gum.

Is she the kind of gal that likes to shop? If that’s the case our guess is she’ll definitely appreciate the So Much To Do Shopper bag or any other sassy tote in Quirksy’s collection. Our Lotus Shoulder Tote is a beautiful and practical bag that will last her a looong time (although not as long as an actual lotus flower - they can live as long as 1000 years.)

If she’s more of a grocery shopper and needs her totes for that, we have two extra quirky options for you - the easily relatable Eat Your Feelings Handy Tote and the Romantic Walks (to the fridge) Handy Tote, because why wouldn’t you want to share that you’re a midnight-snack kind of person with your fellow grocery shoppers? If she simply deserves a feminine, one-of-a-kind tote, don’t mess around with statement totes and get her either our Hero Shopper or our Plant Study Shopper - they are both super cute.

Another great unique gift idea for her might be a cool wallet. Let her know she’s your super-heroine with the Batgirl, Wonder Woman Vintage or the Catwoman Mighty wallet - and if by any chance she doesn’t like the gift, have a pair of Heading To My Next Mistake Socks handy, just in case.

The best gifts & gift ideas for her household

If your gal is someone who likes to spend time cooking, a silly apron might just do the trick. Nobody can resist our Slutty Cop Woman Kitchen Apron - or the Enticing Army Woman Apron for that matter! Beerdy, the Magnetic Bottle Opener might be the cutest new gadget for her kitchen, while an I Say Fuck It Soap is practically a classic in every household.

For those that just want to get their girl something really pretty, a Butterfly Paper Lantern might be the perfect solution. But if you truly want something practical and quirky as hell, here’s an idea: BeepEgg Disco Egg Timer! She’ll get perfectly boiled eggs every time, and get a disco-serenade every time she uses the singing, floating egg timer. Not a disco fan? We have two more flavours - BeepEgg Elvis and BeepEgg Rock, so if she loves kitchen decorations and gadgets feel free to check out our kitchenware section for even more quirky and practical gift ideas.

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We hope there was something in our off-the-charts funny selection that caught your eye because she deserves to know how special she is! If you still haven’t found the perfect gift for her, our Personal Care, Homeware, and even Tech section!  Be sure to keep an eye on what’s on sale, because you just might land a sweet deal on the perfect gift for her!

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