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If you’re looking for funny tote bags, Quirksy’s definitely the place!

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If you’re looking for funny tote bags, Quirksy’s definitely the place!

At Quirksy, you’ll find the quirkiest selection of totes and shoppers for both men and women, so no need to look elsewhere – this is the best place for gifts you can find online. With so many holidays and special occasions over the year, a funny tote bag can make the perfect gift for your partner, family member, or a friend.

Since tote bags have become a great way to express one’s personality, gifting someone a tote that reflects  theirs is a great way to show them you care. And you’re in a great luck, the Blue Q and Koziol collection offers plenty of different styles and designs you can choose from either for yourself or as a gift for a loved one.

Single-use plastic bags are so last year considering the huge way in which they litter our environment, so taking your tote at the grocery store is a way to show that you care about the future of our planet. What’s more, all of the Blue Q totes are made from 95% recycled materials, making them one of the best eco-friendly totes on the market!

So, let’s give you some ideas of what we’ve got.

Funny Tote Bags With Cheeky Sayings

Let’s begin with the totes that add a touch of humour to your regular day running errands - perfect for inspiring a chuckle from random strangers when they see you wearing it..

So, what’s inside your bag? No need to answer, the Random Crap tote bag will do that for you. Yes, it’s random crap, do you mind? This colourful tote with a beautiful floral design will confuse many, but that’s exactly why you like it, isn’t it?

Need an ironic bag with a funny saying to store your gym clothes? The Let’s Eat Your Feelings tote will let your gym buddies know that once you make short work of the cake, feelings are the next items on the menu - a great tote to show your goofy side.

If you think you’re as unique as a unicorn or know someone who thinks the same way – why not show the world with the I’m a Special Unicorn tote? Obviously, everyone else will see it as ironic, but we know the truth -  and we’ll keep it between us, we promise.

Funny Tote Bags for Animal Lovers

If you want to show the world your love for animals, we have plenty of quirky totes and shoppers that’ll do just that.

Love dogs? Silly question, of course you do, or at least you know someone who does and has one. The People to Meet: Dogs is the perfect shopper for dog lovers. Just look at this wonderful pattern with various dog breeds - it’ll brighten up any dog lovers’ day, so grab it before it’s gone.

Or maybe cats are your favorite “people”? If so, the Chow Time tote will express your love for cats to the world. It’s white, it has a gorgeous floral design and a cute black cat that says “Chow time” – what more can you ask for in a tote?

How about a special tote for the vegetarian or vegan friend in your life? Show them your support with a tote they’ll absolutely love! The Cow shoulder tote by Blue Q is big enough to store all of their groceries, and even more importantly, it shows the most beautiful colorful cow we’ve ever seen – and she’s even holding flowers in her mouth - so cute!  

Funny Tote Bags for Shopaholics

You must know at least one shopaholic who’ll appreciate a quirky tote or shopper bag to use on their next shopping spree.

The So Much to Do shopper will surely showcase their personality and sense of humour. After all, there’s a dinosaur with multiple shopper bags racing with time trying to buy everything on the list. Do you or your friend resemble this dinosaur? If yes, you’ll surely love it!

If shoes are their favorite thing to buy, the Shoes Galore shopper will surely be the go-to bag every time they go shoe shopping. It’s sassy, classy, and can store a couple of pairs of shoes - perfect for any shoe lover out there.

Want to compliment your favorite shopaholic? The You’re Beautiful, Don’t Change handy tote will do just that. It’s cute, bright, and will make anyone feel special, and that’s the goal, right?

Elegant Tote Bags for the Modern Woman

If you want something more serious and elegant, we’ve got just the tote for you! The dark floral design of the Plant Study shopper and the gorgeous moon on the Moon shopper will show your romantic sensibility and style.

For the modern gals and guys out there, check out the Tasche bag by Koizol. Its minimalist and modern design will show off your elegant style, and you can even choose one of the following colours: white, black, plum, gray, orange, or strawberry. It’s unisex so you can gift it to a man or a woman, or grab one for yourself.

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