30th Birthday Present Ideas


They're getting old, eh? They'll need something funny to let them forget the drudgery of their ever-shortening life. Find it here!

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They're getting old, eh? They'll need something funny to let them forget the drudgery of their ever-shortening life. Find it here!

Desperately in need of some turning-30 gifts? The dreaded 30 might have arrived for a wife, a husband, a sibling, a friend - and it might be time to get them something funny enough to make them forget their existential angst.

And fortunately for you, at Quirksy, we have just the right 30th birthday gift ideas that will help you celebrate their special milestone with style.

From funny statement socks and tea towels to the most hilarious personal care products you can find online (we’re looking at you Hand Shit Hand Cream), Quirksy’s versatile selection has a little something for everyone’s taste.

And if you’re still having trouble, here’s what we recommend.

30th Birthday Present Ideas For Her

What to get a lady who’s turning 30?

There’s no perfect answer to that question, but we’ll tell you this - you can’t go wrong with something inspirational, and the Take No Shit Women’s Socks definitely send the right message. You think you need something more subtle? Then we’d recommend the You’re Beautiful, Don’t Change pair (also available as an oven mitt, perfect for stress bakers).

Want to go for something she can wear? We recommend taking a look at our gorgeous selection of totes - all of them high quality, beautifully designed and practical as hell. What 30-year-old lady would say no to a Livin’ The Dream Tote for example?

If you’re still not sure, we have plenty of girly options in our “For Her” section, so definitely check them out.

If you already have your sights set on something, don’t forget to include a special greeting card in the birthday package - and you may as well include a Generic Celebratory Baloon while you’re at it. If not, the Card Because Birthday Card alone will definitely do the trick, it’s always a simple, yet elegant solution.  

30th Birthday Present Ideas For Him

We all know that the token midlife crisis purchase is always a fancy car (maybe he’s not quite there, but he’s not getting younger either, is he?), so why not stop a friend, a boyfriend or a sibling from his shopping therapy and get him this Bentley Continental Supersports Wireless Click Car Mouse? It’s officially licensed by Mini and BMW, so that’s exactly like the real thing, right? If your answer is “not quite” then you can’t argue the fact this gorgeous car specimen at least won’t put a dent in anybody’s wallet.

Don’t think that’s quite the present for him? Take a look at the categories in our “For Him” section - between the men’s wallets, the BBQ Powertools, the Cheeky Gifts and the Guy Gadgets you’ll definitely find something he’ll like. But if he’s a liquor kinda guy, the choice is simple - get him a set of Stainless Steel Ice Cubes and you can call it a day.

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