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Fathers Day Gifts Australia Quirksy 2021   

AWESOME Gear For The Man In Your Life 

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Fathers Day Gifts Australia Quirksy 2021   

AWESOME Gear For The Man In Your Life 

Out of Father’s Day gift ideas? A great dad deserves a great present, and Quirksy is here to help with the quirkiest, most personalized Father’s Day Gifts you could possibly find online!

When Father’s Day is just around the corner, it’s once again time to really get to brainstorming and get your dad a gift that’ll overshadow last year’s, and although we all know that’s easier said than done - Quirksy’s here to help!

Our ample and hilarious selection includes items such as one-of-a-kind socks, barbecue & beer hampers, specialty soaps & lavatory mists, his favorite toy cars and much, much more! So take a good look around our online store because we know you’ll find the perfect present that will draw out a chuckle from dad.

Some hard-to-beat Father’s Day gift ideas

If you think you’ve already gifted your dad with all the practical things he might need and there isn’t anything left really, think again, because Quirksy’s unique gifts will definitely change your mind. Here are our top recommendations to make this Father’s day the best!

From daughter to father gift ideas

If he’s a hands-on dad he might appreciate the not so subtle humor of our Control-Your-Family Breath Spray, and especially since it’s so strong, “it works on extended family too”! Is your father a world champion in taking care of his girl? You can’t give him a better compliment than a jar of Bloody Knuckles Hand Repair Cream!

Affordable Father’s day gift ideas - the best presents under $20

Want to get him a gift that’s both great and affordable? There a number of awesome options for Father’s Day, all under $20! A simple yet cool pair of Here Comes Dad Socks will always do the trick (or a pair of Ain’t No Bad Joke Like A Dad Joke socks for that matter), but if he’s not a sock-person, or you have already given him all the pairs of socks his sock drawer could handle, there are plenty of other options, like our unique brand of I Say Fuck It Soap. If nothing catches your eye, you might want to take a look at what’s on sale - you can discover some pretty affordable deals that way as well, or check out what we have in the booze section, if he’s the type of man that likes his liquor.

The most badass Father’s Day gifts!

Is he the overbearing type of father fables are written for? Then, oh boy, is he in for some hilarious Father’s day love! One of our top recommendations would be to get him Bike Balls Waterproof Bicycle Lights - that’s for sure going to scare away any potential suitors his daughters might have, just by the way they “naturally bob around”. "IT TAKES GRIT, WIT, AND BALLS TO RIDE SO SHOW 'EM WHAT YOU GOT", dad! If that’s just too intense for your father, you can play it safe with a set of Stainless Steel Ice Cubes, a simple Beer Chiller Set, that might come in handy when he wants to have a cold one, or a Vladimir Pootin Lavatory Mist. Not badass enough for him? In that case, you can’t go wrong with Kim Jong-un's Mighty Big Bomb Lavatory Mist!

The most popular Father’s day gifts

If you want to browse by popularity, select best-selling from our drop-down menu, and you’ll see all the most sought after quirky Father’s day presents this year. But we suggest you take a good look at everything in our favorite section for dads, because the perfect gift for yours might not be the most popular choice at all!

Shop the best Father’s Day Gifts in Australia!

We know that fathers aren’t exactly the easiest people to shop for. If he’s someone you find impossible to please, rest assured that this will be the year you take him by surprise.

Our Father’s Day gift section will have the whole family laughing when your dad unwraps his present - and you’ll find a little something for every type of dad. Whatever you opt for you get to enjoy same day shipping at no additional cost all over Australia! 

Shopping for your dad but you still have no idea what to choose? Get them a Quirksy gift card so they can pick their own brand of humor!