We're well into 2018 now, time to jazz up your home.

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We're well into 2018 now, time to jazz up your home.

Welcome to Quirksy, the best shop for the most unique and quirky homeware gifts that can be found online.

We have plenty of creative and one of a kind homeware items to show you. All with practical application that’ll liven up any space. So, why not treat yourself and get the quirky homeware accessory you’ve always wanted? Or maybe surprise a special someone during the holidays or another occasion and show that you care (and that you have a sense of humour as well)?

Whether you’re looking for a cute or retro homeware gift or something more modern and elegant – we’ve got it all. Let’s show you why we’re number one when it comes to quirky homeware gifts and inspire you with some ideas.

Quirky Homeware for the Kitchen

Need something practical to brighten up the kitchen? We’ve got plenty of homeware accessories for the kitchen, just take a look at the BeepEgg Elvis egg timer. It’s so cool it deserves that you give it a look! The Elvis egg timer will make sure each egg is cooked to perfection and will let you know when that is by playing one of three popular Elvis tunes. So cool, right?

Another quirky kitchen accessory is the Gratiator – a cheese grater with a twist! Yes, sure, it grates cheese, but more importantly, it looks like a sword! Don’t believe us? Take a look yourself.

If you’ve never seen a cute scrubber holder before, you’ll be delighted with the Soap Opera. It looks like a lady singing in the bath, with a scrubber for hair…wait, what? Click on the link and you’ll see.

Quirky Homeware Gifts for the Living Room & Bedroom

If you’re searching for something elegant to add personality to any coffee table or dining table in the living room, the Magnetic Vases are something you’ll probably like. Modern and tasteful, these vases will refine any living room making it a bit classier.

How about the most beautiful shoe horns you’ve ever seen? The Bird shoe horn will delight any guest coming into your home, so if you or the person you’re shopping for doesn’t own one – you’re welcome!

Another practical gift for the ladies is the Cora Jewelry Organizer. It keeps rings, necklaces, and bracelets safe and organized - a truly perfect addition to any bedroom.

Quirky Homeware for the Bathroom

With our quirky homeware gifts for the bathroom, you can liven up this room as well! Just take a look at Mr Sponge. It’s surely the funniest sponge holder you’ve ever seen, and it needs his bow tie, like, now!

If Mr. Sponge is British, then Mr. Razor is French. Another great holder - only this time for any type of razor. Perfect for your brother, father, partner, or yourself – just stick it to any tile or mirror and watch how Mr. Razor does his job.

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