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Find the perfect gift of LOVE :)

Find the most unique, romantic, and fun gifts for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife only at Quirksy.

Valentine’s Day is that time of year when we celebrate love and commemorate loving relationships. It’s the most romantic holiday we know and the perfect time to plan a memorable date for your significant other to show just how much you care. Moreover, it’s been a tradition for lovers to exchange gifts ever since the 17th century, and this is where Quirksy can be of great help.

Choosing Valentine’s Day gifts is more often than not a stressful task since we have a difficult time to decide on the perfect present for that special someone. We all know the classics: cards, flowers, and chocolates. But you want to be more creative and innovative than this, don’t you? We know the answer is yes and we’re here to give you some Valentine’s Day gift ideas so you can pick the best gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife, and make this day even more special and romantic.

Why should you play it safe when at Quirksy you can choose a personalized and unique gift that your significant other will use and remember until the next February 14th? Let’s show you what we have to offer.

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Men can be a bit tricky to shop for, but don’t worry, here at Quirksy we’ve got you covered. Treat your guy with an amazing gift that matches his personality and interests and find something that’s cute, funny, romantic, playful, stylish, creative - you name it!. In order to make it easier for you to choose the best gift depending on the level of your relationship, let’s split it into two categories.

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Boyfriend

So, what to get your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day, you may wonder? Well, we recommend something that he either needs, or something that you know will make him laugh.

If you met recently or you’ve been dating for only a few months, how about giving him something practical that he can use but quirky enough that it’ll make him laugh? If you agree, we’ve got the perfect gift ideas for you. You think socks are a boring gift? Take a look at the socks we have at Quirksy and think again. If your guy is always on time, you can put a smile on his face with the Mr. Punctual men’s socks that look super-cute and funny. If he’s always late, you can turn this into a sarcastic gift that’ll make him laugh even more and he’ll always think of you when he opens his socks drawer. If he’s a jokester, you can also make him a kit by combining our one-of-a-kind gums, soaps, and tea towels. For example, the Isn’t it Nice We Hate the Same Things soap, the You are Better than the Best gum, and the Awesome Fucking Beard tea towel is a great quirky combination, guaranteed to make him smile.

If you’ve been dating for a longer period of time, you can express your love by giving him the Mr. Perfect men’s socks, or combine them with the I Love You. You’re Fucking Amazing soap and the You’re Loved gums. If you’re not in the mood for something funny and playful, you can choose one of our unique bottle holders, like the Lasso bottle holder which gives you the illusion that the rope is magical and the bottle floats in the air, guaranteed to draw attention.

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Husband

So, after years of marriage and exchanging presents, you can’t really think of something you haven’t gotten for your husband already. Yeah, Valentine’s can be hard like that - but we’re here to change that.

If your husband likes the occasional glass of wine or whiskey and takes care of the bar and the alcohol collection at your home, we have some interesting and creative presents to show you that he’ll absolutely love. We mentioned the Lasso bottle holder, but what about this Chain bottle holder that also gives the illusion that the bottle floats in the air? It’s mysterious and minimalistic, a perfect addition to the bottle collection you have. You can also add these beautiful Stainless steel ice cubes that’ll elevate any drink without diluting the taste.

If your husband likes to cook and spends time in the kitchen, why not making him laugh by giving him the Feed You Fuckers oven mitt which is 100% cotton? If the opposite is true and your husband doesn’t cook but orders takeout, this Pizza’s Here oven mitt can also work, and who knows, maybe inspire him to visit the kitchen more often.

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

As opposed to men, women are easier to shop for, especially on Valentine’s Day since there are much more options in gift shops and malls. However, you want to choose something special and unique for her, don’t you? Let’s show you some creative and charming gifts that you can order at Quirksy and make your special someone’s day.

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Girlfriend

If your girlfriend is a creative person and enjoys wearing bags, a tote is always a good idea since, after all, you can never have enough totes. Check out our collection of beautiful and colorful totes and choose the one you know your girlfriend will love. We recommend the Peacock handy tote with a gorgeous dreamy illustration of a beautiful peacock, made from recycled materials, so if she cares about the environment we guarantee she’ll love it.

Another great gift for any creative girl would be one of our stunning paper lanterns, like the Peacock paper lantern or this sweet-looking Koi Garden paper lantern. She’ll think of you every time she turns on the light and you can incorporate a card that says something like “You light up my world” and give this gift that extra-romantic touch that will be much appreciated.

If she has a sense of humour and loves animals, we’ve got the perfect gifts. The People to Meet: Dogs towel will make your girl giggle if she’s a dog lover, while the Humans R My Side Bitch towel is for all cat lovers to enjoy. If she’s a vegan/vegetarian, you’ll make her day by giving her this Holy Shit I Love You towel with cute cows, pigs, and chickens as well as this colourful Hot, Hot Vegetarian oven mitt.

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Wife

If your wife has a lot of jewellery and accessories, we’ve got the perfect gifts that she’ll both love and use every day. This cute Hubert jewellery organizer shaped like antlers is perfect for keeping her earrings, bracelets, and necklaces all in one place. If you want something more romantic, take a look at the Sissi jewellery organizer shaped like a heart which can be hanged on a wall and provide a home for all the accessories she owns.

If wine is the drink of her choice, you cannot go wrong if you get her these Stainless Steel Ice Pearls with, of course, her favorite bottle of wine and a super-romantic card.

If she has a sense of humour and enjoys cooking or baking, you can make her laugh by giving her either this I’m Beautiful and I Eat a Lot oven mitt or the I Love my Asshole Kids oven mitt if you have children.

Another great and extremely practical gift would be this Automatic Handbag Light which is also a power bank or a charger for various electronic devices. If your wife more often than not struggles to find certain items in her bag and her phone’s battery is always low, she’ll love the thoughtfulness of this present. Of course, don’t forget to include a romantic card to express your love and make this present even more special.