50th Birthday Present Ideas


Ease them over the hill with Quirksy's huge variety of the most unique 50th Birthday Gifts & Presents, and all at affordable prices!

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Ease them over the hill with Quirksy's huge variety of the most unique 50th Birthday Gifts & Presents, and all at affordable prices!

Shopping for a special and thoughtful 50th birthday present? Here at Qurksy we have a range of great, quirky present to mark turning 50! Ease them over the hill with Quirksy's huge variety of the most unique 50th Birthday Gifts & Presents, and all at affordable prices!

Want to help your friend, spouse or family member celebrate this important milestone, show them how much they mean to you or just make them laugh? These three are not mutually exclusive!

If you’ve run out of ideas on what to get your special someone, don’t worry, we have a little bit for everyone. Our particular eclectic collection of 50th birthday presents ranges from funny to classy, and it has everything in between.

We know that the older people get, the safer you want to play it with their presents, but let us give you some inspiration before you commit - the mugs and sweaters won’t go anywhere!

We’ve compiled a list of the best 50th birthday present ideas, so why don’t we dive right in?

50th Birthday Gifts & Present Ideas for Women

Why don't make your mother, spouse or oldest lady friend feel special? Whether you want to help her mark this milestone (it’s half a century, after all) with something light-hearted or you’re looking for something sophisticated? We can back you up on both!

If she’s a lady that likes to throw parties, or just plain and simple likes her liquor, we have just the present idea: The Boa Bottle Rack along with a few useful additions like the Stainless Steel Ice Pearls and a nice bottle pourer and stopper. It’ll be the classiest gift basket money can buy! The bottle rack has a flowy, modern design, but don’t let it full ya, it’s quite sturdy and can hold up to five wine bottles. She can keep it close by, and throw in an ice pearl in her glass of wine in the evening - it’ll chill it to perfection without diluting it.

If she’s a funny lady, we believe she might appreciate a subtle addition of Quirksy humour. Throw in a pack of gums with one of our hilarious statements: any of the It’s Not Really Drinking Alone If Cat’s Home Gum, Turns Out I’m A Social Drinker Gum, or Step Aside Coffee, This Is A Job For Alchohol Gum might do the trick. They’ll add a touch of lightheartedness to your gift and have the whole party laughing!

You can get her a useful and cute household item if she’s the kind of lady who’s always been taking care of an entire household. Our cute Sketch Coasters designed from sketches of coffee cups, mugs, and glasses will adorn any table, while the sparkling carafe and beaker set of Crystal Tumblers S, available also in a larger size can be a beautiful addition dinner and garden parties.

50th Birthday Gifts & Present Ideas for Men

What do you get the man who has everything?

Men can be trickier to shop for than women, as all of us have learned through years of gift giving, and 50-year-old men must have acquired a hefty number of presents over the years.

If that’s the case, you’re in good hands. We have just the right 50th birthday present ideas that will help you show your favourite 50-year-old just how much you care.

When it comes to men, we nearly always recommend getting them a good beer related gift and calling it a day, and that’s where our Beer Chiller Set comes in handy. To use it, he only needs to place the bars in the freezer for at least 2 hours, slurp some beer from the bottle as soon as he opens it, put the cooling stick in the bottle, and then - without removing the cooling bar, enjoy up to 1 hour of cooled beer. Want to make him even happier? Throw Beerdy the Magnetic Bottle Opener into the mix!

If he’s more of a hard liquor type of men, just switch up the beer chiller for a set of Freeze It Glass Ice Cubes or Stainless Steel Ice Cubes.

He’s not one for alcohol? If he’s a coffee fan get him our awesome Unplugged Coffee Machine - it’s available in three different colours, and it’s made in Germany - the quality is impeccable.

If you want something a bit less serious, we have plenty of other present ideas, ranging from the silly “swing your thing” Golf Men’s socks or his favourite model of vintage car from our Wireless Click Car Mouse collection. Just pick his dream car - we have Fiat, Mercedes Benz, a Range Rover and plenty more up our sleeve!

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