Visla Odin Beer Mug

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There’s just some glassware that you’ll never tire of…

Crystal with fanciful cuts is undeniably beautiful, but not everyone swoons for the vintage look. Coloured glass can be very loud and at times downright scary, resembling something found in the back of a garage, but Visla glass is different.

It’s classic, and it’s made from the finest quality glass. And it will rise to just about any home décor or any occasion. Made in Europe, Visla's timeless glassware will find a place on your dining table for years to come. 

Odin is one of the major gods in Norse and Germanic mythology, and is the father of one of the most famous gods of all, Thor. It is also the name of Visla's glassware range, which is handmade from glass in Europe. You can just imagine Odin drinking a fine brew in Valhalla from a beer mug such as this one, with an ergonomic handle and finished with a heavy base – for slamming down on the table during passionate arguments with his sons, of course!

Odin Beer Mug features:
  • Handmade in Poland.
  • Crafted from glass.
  • Hand wash recommended.
  • Height: 12cm
Visla Visla Odin Beer Mug Quirksy gifts australia
Visla Visla Odin Beer Mug Quirksy gifts australia