Roast your host with some funny BBQ gifts from Quirksy!


On a cold winter night, nothing beats firing up the BBQ and grilling delightful meats and vegetables while surrounded by loved ones and a refreshing beer in hand (Aussie Style). Certainly, we all know someone who takes grilling and barbecuing to the next level. We're talking about the type of friend that uses their grill as much as possible, and is fascinated with smoking meat and veggies, and is always the first to offer their spot for the next party.

So, what do you buy a person who spends most of their time over an open flame tending juicy meats? You don’t want to make a ‘mi-steak’ by gifting something stupid! Whether they’re a novice at grilling meat over an open flame or a grizzled veteran who can flip steaks with his bare hands, you'll find the perfect BBQ presents right here! Make their next barbecue absolutely legendary! These gifts are smokin' hot!! And, don’t forget to tell them ‘Yo-da’ best griller!!

There's never been a better time to treat your favourite pit masters and self-proclaimed barbecue fans to some deliciously inspiring grilling presents than now, with nice weather, Father's Day, and outdoor gatherings in the mix. We’ve curated everything you need for a great barbecue lover, including knives, serving set to funny and quirky aprons, socks and much more. Take a peek at our BBQ presents to find something that will get your BBQ enthusiast ready to grill. We know we are doing a ‘grate’ Job!!

Your friends enjoy lighting up the grill and getting to work. Our ‘BLUE Q- Sunday Men's Socks’ are the ultimate socks for backyard barbecues, and your favourite grill master. Say, Hey Meathead, fire up the grill & BBQ some food cuz 'you da man'. These socks will subtly remind your barbecuer of the thing they love the most, even when they're stuck in the office. Let them put on their aprons, grab the thongs, and slip into these colourful BBQ socks. They’ll be suitably styled for any party and will always remain a master of their char-grilled domain. Your gift will be un-grill-ievable’!!

Isn't it true that barbecues are all about having a good time? It’s time to ignite your friend's flame game with ‘Koziol -Shadow- Utensil set’. These flexible skewers are perfect for grilling up a thick, juicy T-bone and will definitely raise the ‘steaks’! And, if it's raining and they want to grill something, they just simply need to pop the skewers into the oven or roaster and make the crowd wow-ed. As it's better to invest in grills! They're hot steak-holders!!

Not only will this ‘Quirksy Kitchen & Garden Apron’ keep their clothes clean and free from splashes, but it will also act as the enticing army woman in charge of grilling. They might think they don’t have a desirable s*xy body, because of eating self-cooked BBQ’s. So, give them these cheeky aprons and whenever they’ll wear them they are sure to receive some stolen glances. Let them have a giggle whenever they are preparing their BBQ with our range of hilariously funny aprons. Well, it looks like they ‘knead’ them all.

If you want to get creative with your gift for the griller in your life, check out our quirky and sassy tea towel collection. Tell your friends, don't be afraid of the smear as we all enjoy a good greasy grilling session. What your friend doesn’t like is sauce-smeared fingers all over their brand-new t-shirts. These ‘Artist At Work Tea Towel’ will help them in keeping their head cool and hands clean with these super-absorbent towels. Just hand them a towel, as a gift!! It's just something they want to get hung up on. We hope they have a dry sense of humor!

Let your friends keep their wine perfectly cold with ‘Contento - Charles Wine Cooler & Spout’ while they are at their fiery-hot grill. The heat coming off the grill won't make any difference to their chilling wine and the vibes.

Opening a bottle of wine is not that difficult, as it’s easy to screw it up!! But, for the beer lovers we’ve got ‘Avanti Wine Thermometer in Magnetic Gift Box’ with this thermometer your wine enthusiast friends can check the temperature of the wine while waiting for the barbecue party. That way, they could be there in spirit!

It’s frustrating to see your friends juggling with five different utensils while grilling. Gift them ‘Karve 2-Piece Carving Set’ to use in their kitchen and make it easy for them to slice through any roast.Well you are definitely ‘making ends meat’! Before eating make sure to add some spices to the BBQ. They might have a salt and pepper set but that’s a boring one!! Add some grind into their life and some ‘season’s greeting’ with ‘Koziol Pepper Mill & Salt Shaker Set’ Your gift will be ‘so-dium’ funny!!

You won't be able to undo what you’ve witnessed above with our countless hours of fun BBQ collection, available only on Quirksy. Even if you forget about them, roasting hot dogs or meat will never be the same. It'll linger with you, till the time you won’t buy something! You can't help but laugh, no matter how smart, and mature you are!