Get juices flowing with some quirky gifts for Fruit Lovers!

Is your friend the one who begins every breakfast by crying to the heavens, and saying the kiwi to their heart is fruit? The time, at last, has come to gift them ap-peach-iate their love by gifting them something fig-ing funny. If you are trying to please someone with a highly sophisticated palate, not just for food but for fruits then these thoughtful gift ideas will be enjoyed by anybody who likes to eat fruits (and who doesn't?).
Are you a sucker in gifting gadgets and gizmos to the kitchen freak? Okay, we know you don’t want to gift a fruit basket. But, how can you resist these quirky tools? Like a good friend sticks by your side through sweet and sour times. Let your berry best mate know they are so grape by gifting something fruitful. Your friends are the pina to very colada. So, let's keep it real and find a pear-fect gift to make them feel s-peach-less.
Spoiler alert, not all of these are the healthiest options, but you live only once, right? Eh, you could live more than once, maybe. Anyway, if in your life you have a total fruit lover, don’t be into pear pressure to gift them something unique to make them ‘Peel' great about this summer.

Does your friend love the punch-y fruit flavours? A die-hard mango fan? Is a foul-mouthed beauty-lover cursing like a sailor? Put your hands down and gift them a Lip Shit Lip Balm-Mango Raspberry because it’s never a bad time to have some fruits on-the-go and self care. Get them this gloss and see who wants to kiss them.

Have you got all the in-cider information about your mate? About their love for fruits. "Ever told your friends if they were a fruit, they'd be one
fine-apple.” Surprise them with a Bite Me Ankle Socks and confuse them whether to take a bite or does this apple bite back? They gotta love this facetious

Is your friend one in a cha-million? Just because they change every now and then. But still, they are your zest friends forever. So, make their life citrus-less and squeeze the day with these ZESTY Citrus Zester & Peeler. As it is rightly said when friends give you a peeler, make a cocktail for them. Cheers!!

Is there anything more frustrating than looking at their half-cut fruits drying and being useless? Houston, we have a solution! The answer to all their troubles comes in the form of ASTRO Fruit & Veggie keeper Space White a fruit and vegetable storage vessel that looks like a spaceship. Make their life easier with this as it easily fits into the space shuttle that you have mistaken for a fridge. 

Is your friend a minion fan? Who is always hungry and likes to eat a banana? Give this
‘Eat That Banana Tea Towel’ to your mates and say, “it's not you, it's the banana.” As you can’t look into their eyes and ask them to put the banana down. We believe "size doesn't matter" to be a phallic, so we don't mind boasting about this towel's size - it's huge and in control! It will be there to wash the smirk from their face, no matter what size the spill is. 

These handy fruit tools are actually useful in addition to being delightfully quirky and humorous. No wonder you must be thinking, ‘we gotta be ki-wing’.  Guys!!! We’ve got you covered on Quirksy, whether you're looking for an amusing conversation starter or a time-saving product these gifts will make your fruit fanatic’s life more pleasant and giggly.