Say “No!” to boring Bathroom business with some Quirky gifts!

We should accept that this is the best time of the year to have some spa-worthy me time, whether your mate is a self-professed bath junkie or not. Let's just call it as it is: a lot happens in the bathroom. From staying under the state's sanitation guidelines to making the most of your time on the toilet. The bathroom is a space where we can sing in the shower, soak in the tub with a nice book and a bottle of wine or take the opportunity to primp and preen without being judged. Gifting them something gross and crappy will ensure that your loved ones are reminded of you every day—even when they go to the bathroom. These are all clean and hard-to-find gifts, although your friends might not gel with all of them. Just Joking!!

No matter if your friends take showers in the morning or at night. If they shampoo and condition or just shampoo. If they are a bar soap kind-of-person or a body wash kind-of-person. So, why not surprise them with some bathroom humour and make them look flushed? We’ve rounded a list of the bathroom and shower-inspired gags and gifts to make them laugh. Love it or loathe it!! Well, who cares!! So, roll up your sleeves and dive into this pile of clean, quirky, unusual, and funny bath gifts.

It’s fun listening to your friends sing in the shower, sometimes they make you laugh and sometimes you wish they get some shampoo in their mouth. So, that it becomes more like a soap opera. If that’s what you wish for then gift your
‘Australian Idol’ YOGI Sponge Holder. It won’t make them a good singer, but it can definitely hold their sponge or loofah on it. It's ‘aloof-ah’. Let the sponge holder soak up

Whenever you plan to stay at your friends’, do you cringe thinking about their bathroom? As they have a repulsive habit of leaving 15 razors around the sink and some are strewn around the bathroom, getting mixed up with your toothbrush. It’s better to gift them Mr Razor - Razor Holder’  to maintain some hygiene! Simply let them hang the razor in Mr Razor's moustache after each usage to keep track of where they have it. It’s an excellent way to put some humour in their bathroom. So, beware ‘Edward Scissorhands’: there's a new blade holder in the town!

Your friend’s house might be flooded with toothbrushes and sometimes you realise that you’re using the wrong toothbrush. EEyyuuuuu!!! That’s Gross!! Give them Jumbo Toothbrush Holder’, so that they can put their toothbrush at their place so that you don’t use their brush (Maybe you can gift them the holder, just to put your brush in it). Just an idea!! You can easily mark your territory by leaving the brush at their home.

Nothing is worse than getting into the bathroom, just to see the floor spilled with water all over the place. If you're tired of cleaning up puddles of a leaky shower, gift your loved ones All rounder clips These clips are hands-down the easiest and most versatile way to cling the curtains while taking a shower. Let your friends hang around and make some peace with the shower curtain. The drapes of the bath!!

Do you know what stinks the most? Being unable to find the ideal gift! Let’s clean up your act and
soap-rise your friend with a funny, humorous, and laugh-worthy range of mean soaps. If you want to gift something unique you’ve got to raise the bar. As, it is always a good idea to compliment your friends, and that can be done with a bar of soap too! Gift them, You Kill Me Soap as the jokes they crack are always a buzz kill but you can’t lie to their face every time. Sarcasm!! Let them get Soak-ing!! They will be soap-proud of you. Maybe your anti-social friend likes veganism as they avoid meet. Give them a  Hello, I'm Antisocial Soap’ with a 100% vegetable base for a clean getaway. Alone!!

A good poop and diarrhea joke will always bring out the kid in you, no matter your age.
  After all, it’s the great equilizer? We all Poop. We know that talking about pooping is a little disgusting to bring up at the dinner table but giggling about the stuff that comes out of our bodies has always had its unique brand of humour. If your friend always feels bloated and talks about their bowel movement every single day, give them Congrats on Your Poop Card’It’s just a really shitty way to make their day with poops and giggle coming their way.

When you visit your friend's place and their bathroom stinks like shit. The only thought that comes to your mind is damn, dude, open a window! What did you eat?? I can’t breathe!!  Yikeeessss!!! Damn Dude Lavatory Mist’ is the only solution to make their bathroom come back to life. Just two quick veils of mist will remove evidence of any offence, no matter how heinous. We’re not poof-fing!! After all, anyone can be a dude, and any dude can blow up a bathroom. This funny and sassy mist will make sure their home won't ever smell like Sh*t again!

Let your friends conceal their dirty secrets and odour with ‘Vladimir Poo-tin Lavatory Mist’. Because a little Pootin really does go a long way! Regardless of how rigors the investigation is against your friend taking a poop in public, their sh*t will come out smelling like flowers - jasmine, to be exact! It is worth every Ruble!

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 Well, when you can offer the gift of inappropriateness to your friends, then what’s the point in giving a thoughtful gift? You've come to the right spot if you're looking for a gift that can make your friends laugh and push the boundaries. We've compiled a list of some of the most inappropriate gifts available. From the world's most inappropriate socks, BLUE Q - I'm A Delicate Flower Women's Socks', BLUE Q - Feed You F*ckers Oven Mitt, to some BLUE Q - Please Don't F*ck With My Shit Zipper Pouch’  and BLUE Q - ‘Lip Shit Lip Balm-Vanilla Cardamom 

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