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I ear you, you're sick of the stick and want a more carrot approach to your gift shopping. Check out our range of products for bunny lovers and reward yourself at Quirksy!

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I ear you, you're sick of the stick and want a more carrot approach to your gift shopping. Check out our range of products for bunny lovers and reward yourself at Quirksy!

Want to buy a present for a rabbit owner but you’re stumped for gift ideas? Find the best unique and quirky gifts great for any bunny lover online at Quirksy!

Bunnies are some of the most adorable animals on the planet, wouldn’t you agree? The rabbit owner you’re shopping for certainly does! So, why not make their day with a quirky rabbit-themed gift that the bunny lover in question will surely appreciate?

Since memorable gifts for people who own rabbits can be hard to find, you’ve made the right choice to visit Quirksy. Here we have a great collection of gifts for all kinds of animal lovers, from  Pig, Horse, and Cat owners to Bird and Fish owners - rabbit owners included, and of course, dog owners.

Our gifts are suitable for adults and kids, women and men – you’ll find something fitting for everyone. Surprise the friend or family member who has a pet rabbit and give them an awesome rabbit-themed gift for their birthday or as a Christmas present. Here are our top gift recommendations to get you started.

Cool & Quirky Bunny-Themed Gifts & Gift Ideas for Rabbit Owners

If you want to buy a cool and quirky gift for the bunny lover in your life, you can stop the search here.

The Barney Double Pourer And Stopper might be exactly what you’ve been looking for. The cutest double pourer and stopper you’ve ever seen is suitable for wine and spirit bottles, so if the rabbit owner has a mini bar in the house – you’ve found the perfect gift.

Barney’s dual-purpose is very practical – not only does it function as a bottle stopper, but it also pours the drink from the two bunny ears at the same time. Your friend will surely be able to impress by pouring a drink in two glasses at once and express his love toward these adorable creatures at the same time.

If the gift recipient has a crappy wallet, you’ll make his or her day with the Cool Bunny Girl Mighty Wallet. It’s quirky, artsy, water-resistant, very durable, and has a beautiful design both inside and out. Is your friend an anime lover? If that’s the case, this wallet will be appreciated even more! It’s the perfect gift for all animal lovers since the wallet doesn’t contain any animal products and it’s 100% recyclable!

Practical Bunny-Themed Gifts & Gift Ideas for the Household

Rabbit lovers, like most animal lovers, want to be surrounded with items that remind them of their favourite animal or pet at all times. So, giving them a rabbit-themed gift which they can use daily is a wonderful idea, don’t you think?

How about a super-practical bunny-shaped bag opener? Check out the Bag Bunny Bag Opener. It’s not only extremely cute but it can really come in handy for opening all kinds of bagged food – from frozen French fries to snacks. It’s even better that this bunny is easy to take care of since it can easily be magnetized to the fridge so your friend or family member can find it at all times.

Another funny yet functional gift for the kitchen would be the Cute Little Fuckers Tea Towel, the cute little fuckers being the deer, foxes, bears, birds, and the cutest of them all – rabbits. It’s very absorbent since it’s 100% cotton, so it’s both fun and high-quality.

How about something which can be used both in the kitchen and bathroom? Take a look at the most adorable wall hooks you’ve ever seen – The Bunny Suction Cup Wall Hooks. Made from plastic which is 100% recyclable, it makes a great present for the environmentally-conscious bunny lovers in your life. We know that the bunny’s feet are strong and durable, so the Bunny wall hooks will hold up your friend’s bathrobe, towels, and other items without ever letting them touch the ground.

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Can’t choose just one gift since all of them are great? If you think the bunny lover will be delighted with any of the products on our list, make thing easier for both of you and give them a Quirksy gift card. We have four different prices to choose from, so pick one and let your friend make the hard decision.