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No, we don't sell cages or birdseed. But we do sell socks, bags, gum, even bottle openers which all screech our love for those little modern day dinosaurs!

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No, we don't sell cages or birdseed. But we do sell socks, bags, gum, even bottle openers which all screech our love for those little modern day dinosaurs!

Are you struggling to find the perfect bird-themed gift for a bird owner who loves these delicate creatures? We have awesome gifts for all the bird lovers in your life, so shop at Quirksy and surprise your bird enthusiast!

Finding a cool and unique gift for a bird enthusiast can be a bit challenging. That being said, whether you’re shopping for a bird owner, a bird watcher, or maybe a photographer whose main subjects are birds, Quirksy is the right place to be.

We have some great gift ideas that’ll make the perfect Christmas gift, stocking stuffer, or birthday present for that bird lover in your life. Are you maybe an avid birder yourself? Check out the following bird-themed gifts and gift ideas and treat yourself or the gift recipient with something especially quirky!

Cute and Quirky Bird-Themed Gifts & Gift Ideas for Her

Your search for a gift for the lovely bird owner in your life ends right here.

Every girl out there is in need of a big shopper bag or shoulder tote, and the one you’re shopping for is probably no exception. Is the beautiful, pink Flamingo her favourite bird by any chance? If she admires these gorgeous birds, check out the Flamingo shopper bag. It has a gorgeous design, beautiful colours, and enough space for all her goodies. If she’s in need of something smaller (or you’re looking for something slightly cheaper), we have the Flamingo zipper pouch - it has the exact same design.

Peacocks are another type of bird that’s pretty popular among bird lovers. If that’s the case with the girl in question, the Peacock Handy tote will make the perfect present. With its beautiful design and convenient shoulder length straps, this tote will become her favourite accessory ever.

Okay, so she has enough bags in her life and you want to get her something different? How about a beautiful lantern like the Peacock paper lantern. It’s super-colourful and really stunning, but just wait till it lights up – that’s when the magic begins.    

Practical Bird-Themed Gifts & Gift Ideas for Him

There are many practical gifts for bird lovers you can choose from at Quirksy.

One of the most popular ones is Beerdy - and it just so happens that Beerdy has the coolest name ever. This magnetic bottle opener is a bird-inspired gift that every boozy bird lover would like to have in the kitchen. If you know someone who enjoys drinking beer or other beverages with a cap, Beerdy would not only be an interesting present, it’ll be really practical to have it around the house.

Another unique gift for bird owners and enthusiasts is the Bird Shoe Horn. This cool-looking shoehorn can be used daily in any home - if not from the guy who owns it, then surely by someone in the family or the friends who come and go. It’s almost 50cm long and made from plastic that’s 100% recyclable, so it’s environmentally-friendly as well. The Bird Shoe Horn is made in Germany and makes a great, high-quality gift for anyone who wears shoes and lives in a house or an apartment…so it’s perfect for everyone?

For the bird owner who likes running, eating healthy, and most importantly – drinking water frequently, the following bottle clip would be a handy and useful present. This lovely Bottle Clip is a gift so practical that it’ll be used on a daily basis. After you replace the cap of the bottle with this clip, you can then hang it on any belt, backpack, laptop bag, and so on. The birdy-themed bottle clip adds more style to the plastic bottle, it’s super-convenient, and can be used with most bottled water caps – perfect for anyone who’s constantly on the go.

Great Bird-Themed Gifts & Gift Ideas for Kids

If you are searching for a bird-themed gift for a kid who’s obsessed with birds, look no further than the lovely paper lantern we previously mentioned. The Peacock paper lantern is a beautiful and modern paper lantern perfect for any kid’s bedroom. It has a colourful artistic design with blue tones, and it brings magic to the room as soon as it’s lit up. The small bird enthusiast will definitely love it!

If you’re not convinced that will be the right gift for the little person you’re shopping for, we also have some great bird-themed pencil cases to show you. Six & a Half Birds pencil case and the Bird pencil case both look incredible, are made from 95% recycled material, and can be the perfect gift for any kid who’s got a pet bird or just loves these beautiful creatures.

Order the Perfect Gift for Any Bird Owner Online at Quirksy!

As you can see, whether you’re buying a gift for an adult or a kid, a man or a woman, a bird owner or a bird enthusiast - it doesn’t matter, you’ll find it at Quirksy!.

However, if you cannot make the choice yourself, you can always take the easy way out with a gift card. There are four different prices you can choose from, so there’s something for everyone’s budget.

If you already have something in mind, you’ll be happy to know that we provide same day shipping at no extra cost all throughout Australia. Next time you need a special gift for a special person – you know where to look.