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Shopping for funny cat gifts? Want to surprise your favourite cat person with a gorgeous kitty themed gift? Quirksy definitely has your back.

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Shopping for funny cat gifts? Want to surprise your favourite cat person with a gorgeous kitty themed gift? Quirksy definitely has your back.

Inexpensive gifts & gift ideas for cat lovers

Everyone has that cat-obsessed friend to have the timeless cats vs. dogs debate, and probably so do you! We know that you want to let them know you care for them every once in a while, and what better way to do it than with a cute, affordable cat-themed trinket from Quirksy? We’re not actually talking about getting them something for their cat - oh no. What we’re talking about is something quirky and loving, just for them, something that will have them either cracking or “aawwh”-ing over it immediately - and that’s the worst case scenario.

Something like the My Cat Is Cool As Fuck Women’s Socks is a pretty inexpensive way of telling your cat-loving friend you know where they’re coming from, and so is the I’m Not Bossy, I’m the Boss Coin Purse, perfect for the highly opinionated. If your friend is both a cat lover and a sock lover we have more superb options - the Cat Monster Ankle Socks, for example, which are not only funny but can work really well with a streetwear outfit - socks are big this season, and prints are always in style!

While we’re on the subject of prints, check out this gorgeous looking Mister Cat Zipper Pouch, because it’s so on-trend, it hurts. We’re happy to say that we have plenty of cat-related fashion accessories, so you can either go big with our kitty-printed totes - our personal favourite is the Here Kitty Shoulder Tote, adorable, unique looking shopper bags - like the Here Kitty one, again. As described, “it’s not a cat carrier, but it has cats, and you can carry stuff”. If you haven’t had your fill of adorable pouches and purses, then we’re proud to introduce the I Do As I Please Jumbo Pouch (as any cat lover knows - sad, but true), the Cats & Dogs Zipper Pouch perfect for someone who can’t decide.

If that’s not your vibe, you can always go simple and classic with a cat eye sunglasses design - and the Quirksy cat eye sunglasses available in black, leopard, and blue crystal are all awfully stylish!  

Funny cat gifts for cat owners

Okay, it’s not as those the stuff we already mentioned is unfunny, but wait until you check out our next gift ideas for cat owners. And what better way to start than with the Humans R My Side Bitch Tea Towel? Don't let the humour fool you, it’s a tea towel of great quality, printed with water-based inks on unbleached cotton, guaranteed tostay vibrant through countless wash cycles”!

Want to really make your cat owner friend laugh? Try the Talk With Your Cat Breath Gum or the equally (if not even more) amusing It’s Not Drinking Alone If Your Cat’s Home Gum - both are a pretty inexpensive way to surprise your friend with a little something. If everything else fails, you’ll always have the Cat Butt Gum to call to the rescue, and you can always “get a second box cause you got a lot of attitude to share. Still not impressed? The Thanks For Scooping My Poop Hand Sanitizer will crack anyone up, just try it!   

On the practical side of things…

Okay okay, we have a few gift ideas if you actually want to get something practical, either for yourself or friends and family. The Miaou Bottle Stopper can come in handy at every party - it provides you with an airtight seal aand looks cute as hell - and so does the CatPeeler Vegetable Peeler. If you like the miaou themed gift ideas so far, then you’ll also like the Miaou Wall Hook - it’s slick and black as a cat (or white, if you prefer), and thanks to the powerful adhesive, it can be mounted in a flash.

And finally, a new spoon to spoon out the perfect amount of cat food is always sorely needed in a cat owner’s household, and that’s where the Miaou Pet Food Spoon comes in. The thoughtful design let it squeeze into every corner of the can and scoop out the last bits of cat food!

All in all, we think that Quirksy’s selection for the cat fancier is versatile enough to please even the pickiest of tastes. You can use it to get inspired for your cat owner friend’s Kris Kringle for example, for any other holiday, or you can just gift it at a moment’s notice - no excuse needed.

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We hope there was something in our off-the-charts cat lover selection that caught your eye and gave you the inspiration to surprise a friend with a cool gift or snatch one for yourself.

If you still haven’t found the perfect gift for your pet owner friend, we have plenty of other cute animal-themed gifts - so be sure to check out our Pig, Horse, Dog, Bird, Rabbit, and Fish Owner sections, as well as keep an eye on what’s on sale!

If you’re shopping for yourself we’re sure you’ll find a quirky trinket to fall in love with right away, but if you’re shopping for a friend it might be tricky to decide. In that case, make it easy for yourself and get a Quirksy gift card - it’s easy and it comes at 4 different price points.

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