Blue Q, you knew just what I was there for...

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Blue Q, you knew just what I was there for...

Blue Q has been designing and creating life-improving and joy-brining products and now you can buy them at Quirksy! We’re excited to show you everything this cool and quirky brand has to offer, from hilarious socks to creative and unique bags, even oven mitts with a twist - so let’s start.

Blue Q Women's Socks

Looking for the best selection of quirky and fun women’s socks online? You’re at the right place since at Quirksy you’ll find some truly unique novelty ladies’ socks for every kind of woman out there – from the hipster artist to the ultimate fashionista.

The Blue Q women’s socks turn an everyday clothing item into a one-of-a-kind fashion accessory. The creative designs, unique patterns, and vibrant colours make the Blue Q women’s socks the cutest and funniest socks you can find online!

The Funniest Women’s Socks Money Can Buy

If you think socks can’t make a great gift – think again, but only after you see our Blue Q women’s socks selection.

We have a pair that’ll express any type of personality and mood, so whether you’re looking to buy a pair of socks for yourself or as a gift for a friend or a family member – let’s show you some interesting choices.

For the girl who loves her pet more than anything, we know just the pairs of socks that will make her day. The My Cat is Cool as Fuck and My Dog is Cool as Fuck women’s socks are cute as hell and will express any lady’s love for her pet in a really quirky way.

How about something hilarious for the gal with a great sense of humour? You’ll definitely have her chuckling over the Dealing With Me Must Be Fun or the Cute. But Psycho. But Cute women’s socks. We also have some great ideas for the procrastinator in your life - the Get Shit Done Later or the Do It Tomorrow Day socks, while the lady who just cannot put her book down is sure to love the Fuck Off, I’m Reading quirky socks.

And here’s something for fashionistas: the You Fancy Bitch socks are always a great and hilarious choice, while the Shitting Rainbows Kind of Day are perfect for the girl who can’t get enough of colorful clothes and accessories.

Want to tell her how much you love and appreciate her? The following designs will do the job. Check out the Love You Weirdo and the You Art The Bomb socks. The bright colors and lovely messages will let her know how much you care and they’ll probably become the best pair of socks she’s ever owned.

Blue Q Men’s Socks

We’ve also got Blue Q men’s socks - they’re funny, they’re high-quality, and they’re absolutely wearable. If you’re tired of the boring checkered pairs, let’s introduce some novelty with our recommendations.

Blue Q - Men’s Socks With A Touch of Attitude

Blue Q’s socks are more than just a fashion accessory - they’re designed to add a touch of personality to a man’s style. The Let Her Win, She’s Probably Right Anyway men’s socks is the perfect example of the kind of hard truth you can expect from Blue Q’s men’s socks.

The person you’re buying for doesn’t go by that maxim? No problem, you can get him the Sure I’m Listening, With My Butt pair - it’s the kind he’ll definitely want to show off to his buddies.

Surprise Him With The Coolest Pair Of Men’s Socks

Looking for just the right essentials to go with his impeccable office wear? The This Meeting Is Bulshit pair was made to give a naughty feeling in the office - nobody will read the fine print and he’ll look just as sharp as ever.

If the choices weren’t your cup of tea, we have a few more up our sleeve.

The Busy Making A Fucking Difference Men’s Socks provide just the right balance between “geometrical shapes and altruism”, so they’re both fashion-forward and opinionated.

There’s hardly anything more manly than our Blue Q Get Shit Done Later Men’s Socks or the Take No Shit (and give no fucks) pair, but if you’re just searching for a special gift for the love of your life, we can’t think of a better pair than the Mr. Perfect Men’s Socks. If he’s always prepared for disaster, the I Got This Men’s Socks are our most kickass recommendation, and they’re definitely worthy of such a fine male specimen.

If he’s someone who deeply enjoys the gentleman’s game, Blue Q’s Golf Men’s Socks will let him “swing his thing” with pride.

Blue Q Bags & Purses

Are you looking for unusual and unique bags & purses that every quirky girl will love to have?

How about a great gift for the fashionistas, or those who love their pets more than anything else in the world? We have something for every girl out there, so if you’re looking to buy a one-of-a-kind bag whether that’s a coin purse, a zipper pouch, a shopper bag, or a handy tote – we’ve got it all.

The Blue Q collection offers the best bags and purses that’ll become every girl’s favorite accessory. The unique and quirky designs will make any woman feel special and you’ll find a bag that suits every personality and style. We’ll give you some ideas below, but make sure to check out the Blue Q full list of bags and purses to find the perfect one for a friend or yourself.

Blue Q Bags & Purses for the Creative & Quirky Girls

If you’re buying a gift for a quirky girl or a creative type with a great sense of humour, why not be a bit cheeky and get her something she won’t expect?

Take a look at the I Thought I Had More Money coin purse or the Please Don’t Fuck With My Shit zipper pouch. If you want something bigger, the Random Crap shopper or the My Favorite Salad is Wine tote will not only express her hilarious personality - it will also impress her for sure.

We have plenty of other bags and purses with funny designs to choose from, so makes sure to check them all out in order to find the perfect one for yourself or a friend.

Blue Q Bags & Purses for the Animal Lovers

You love animals and enjoy expressing your passion via clothes and accessories? Or you’re just trying to find a gift for an animal lover who does the same? Well, Blue Q is definitely for you. We have plenty of animal-related bags and purses that any animal lover will love to show off.

The People to Meet: Dogs zipper pouch is the ultimate gift for any dog lover out there. It’s cute, quirky, and most importantly – it’s pretty eloquent when it comes to showing love for these awesome creatures. If you’re more for a shopper or a tote, you can get a shopper bag with the same People to Meet: Dogs design. The Cats and Dogs zipper pouch is another pouch with a hilarious design that expresses the truth about cats and dogs – see it and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

For the cat lovers, the Here Kitty shoulder tote is a classic, while the bird lovers will definitely enjoy wearing the beautiful Pretty Bird shoulder tote.

Blue Q Bags & Purses for the Fashionistas

How about something quirky and beautiful for the girls who appreciate a good sense of style and design? Let’s start with the smallest purses we have.

We have plenty of unique coin purses with great designs like the You’re Beautiful, Don’t Change coin purse or the Shoe Money coin purse. The former makes an ideal small gift for literally every girl out there, while the latter is perfect for the shoe lover who seems to never have enough shoes in the closet.

When it comes to zipper pouches we recommend the gorgeous Peacock zipper pouch, and if the girl you’re shopping for needs a bag that offers more space, you can get her the Peacock shopper bag with the same exact design. Another shopper bag with a great and quirky design is the So Much to Do shopper bag - and every shopaholic out there will love to show it off. It’s unusual, fun, and a great representation of the fashionista’s personality.

Blue Q Oven Mitts

Blue Q Oven Mitts, ah.

A Blue Q oven mitt beauty is not just your regular oven mitt - they’re the funniest oven mitts you can find online.

If you’re familiar with Blue Q you already know the vibe - hilarious products that are always just as practical - socks, totes, mitts, towels, bags and purses. If you think that’s boring, think again, because the folks at Blue Q have completely reinvented the household essentials, and it seems they’re always after stuff that has remained the same for far too long.

So, for all of you stress bakers, homemakers, and kitchen enthusiasts out there, if you’re bored with your usual plaid oven mitt, let’s look at Blue Q’s sassy recommendations. They make for wonderful gifts, but they’re just as awesome if you’re shopping for yourself.

Oven Mitts With A Twist

Looking for an oven mitt with an attitude? The I’ve Got A Knife Oven Mitt never disappoints, and it’s ideal for those who feel their baking often goes unappreciated. Want something with a feminist undertone? Try the Bitches Get Stuff Done Oven Mitt and you’ll never look back.

If you’re shopping for your regular cynic out there, why not express your comradery with the I Hate Everyone Too Oven Mitt?  

We can’t think of a better out-of-the-blue gift for your mother than the Feed You Fuckers Oven Mitt - or the I Love My Asshole Kids for that matter. They’re both sassy, and they speak to the heart. If you think that’s a bit too direct for your mother’s gentle heart, a classic You’re Beautiful, Don’t Change Oven Mitt will work just as well.

Want to find the perfect gift for your vegetarian friend? Nothing can beat our Blue Q Hot, Hot Vegetarian Oven Mitt, and it will survive years of baking kale and sweet potatoes.

If the special someone you want to surprise is a hopeless foodie, we definitely suggest a simple Made From Scratch or Horny For Food Oven Mitt, and the Let’s Eat Your Feelings Oven Mitt will definitely cheer up any enthusiastic binge eater. If not, the Most Likely To Microwave Oven Mitt will do just as good.

Order Your Blue Q Gift at Quirksy Today!

Blue Q and Quirksy are natural allies - they’re snarky and we’re quirky. So if you’re tired of the same old floral pattern oven mitt (and that’s as exotic as it gets with most kitchen stores) we definitely encourage you to try our cheeky selection of oven mitts, or try a cool Blue Q tote, purse or a pair of socks - they’re just as hilarious.

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