Give your grandparents a reason to smile with gifts by Quirksy!

It's a universal truth that grandparents all over the world enjoy spoiling their grandchildren with presents at every chance they get. And, they don't want much in return (aside from a thank-you and hugs, of course! ). Let's be honest, Nana and Papa deserve the world. 

You and your grandparents might call each other by different names, like in ‘Big Bang Theory’ Sheldon called his grandmother as ‘MEEMAW’ and she used to call him ‘MOONPIE’. Your grandparent probably slipped you candy even though everyone else said NO, despite your tantrums and sticky fingers on their furniture. So, it's time for you to surprise them and make that "favorite grandchild" label yours forever.

Although your Nana and Grandpa probably enjoyed the macaroni necklace or the greeting card you made them in 1995, it's time to step up your gift-giving game in 2021. If you have watched the movie ‘Coco’ the grandchild enters the Land of Dead to find his great-grandfather. Well, we are not asking you to do so, but you can gift your grandparents something which is not ‘so-boring’ as they want to have fun in their Golden Years, rather than being emotional. Get them ready for old age the fun way with our huge collection of quirky and thoughtful 60th Birthday Present Ideas  for your old bud.

 Is your Pop still a cool dude? He'd be flattered to hear that you assume he is (even if he isn't!). Give them a Cool-Ass Grandpa Men's Socks as we all know that the coolest people don't give a damn what other people think, and tend to worry less and less. Therefore, it's no wonder that grandpas are some of the coolest cats on the block! Your Grandma is gonna love his flash. You're welcome!!

Brace yourself! As we have got a perfect gift for your grandparents, who love baking cookies for their grandchildren, give them ‘I make Baked Great Oven Mitts - BlueQ’, so that they don’t burn their fingers while baking the perfect chocolate chip cookies for you!

 Does drinking tea give your grandparents sereni-tea? But they are still using the tea bags to make a cup of tea? It’s time for them to ditch the tea bag. Amp up their tea-spirit and surprise them with a Rudolf Tea Strainer as this strainer is tea-riffic. Well, there is no shortage of cute ones. If they love flowers and adore the freshly brewed beverage give them Audrey Tea Strainer’ or Beau-Tea Tea Strainer’. It’s time to get this Par-TEA started! Right? 

There are days that your Grandma just wants to stay in and have a sip of tea, no matter what time of year it is. Here are some funny and quirky tea-related gift ideas from mugs, strainers, tea towels to tea infusers to make their brew tea-licious! Sip Sip, Hooray!! It takes a special grandparent to find the humor in little things, and if Grandpa is a straightforward man of few words and loves coffee, we’ve got you covered. Our sassy and funny gifts for coffee lovers could make them smile on a dull day. They will say "Words cannot espresso how much you bean to me!”


‘‘No wine left behind’’ is the only phrase you hear from your grandparents? As they can’t store the opened and tepid wine. Tell them to "Be kind, re-wine." Charles Wine Cooler & Spout is going to give them more reasons to wine. No worries if their hands are a bit shaky as this spout allows drip-free pouring. Maybe it's time to ‘wine down’ now!! 

Growing up, you always admired your grandparents for being cool and drinking whiskey or wine. Now you share a bottle of whiskey with them instead of the normal glass of juice. So, it’s time to gift them funny drink accessories to make their drinking game more fun.

Is it rude to call your grandparents old if they are young by heart? Maybe it’s too late to realise it now.  Well, if old age is catching up with them ...... Ask them to walk faster. Hilarious!! Don’t let the mid-life crisis get them down by giving a sassy vintage-looking and humorous ‘Fridge Magnet: You Know You're Getting Older’ .

 When in doubt, go with a funny gift you know will make him laugh! Well, your grandad needs a reminder that he's cooler than a cucumber. Gift them ‘Here Comes Cool Dad - Men's Socks’ as these comfiest socks are hysterical. So, time for the Lame dads, to take a backseat because a cool dad is on his way! 

Your grandparents might not always get the right gift for you, but you can surely make them giggle and smile with these humorous gifts. They might prefer things the way they were and should have been in the past. We have a lot of gifts that your grandparents can not only understand but will also enjoy. Cheers to the wisdom of ages!!

All of our most cherished childhood memories are connected to our grandparents. We look upto them as our favourite couple and have always seen them together since we were born. They are like the salt and pepper who needs each other everytime by their side to add a bit of taste in their life.

Spoil your cool grandparents with some fun and thoughtful collection of gifts available only on Quirksy with products like -  The Salt and Pepper Collection to celebrate their love and more years of togetherness to come. Give them PELEG DESIGN ‘Major Pepper’ if your grandpa treats your grandma as his ‘Queen’ acts like a dutiful guard. Surprise them with a Mr. Salt & Mrs. Pepper Shaker by M. Peppercorn to celebrate their romantic rendezvous or a Koziol Elli Owl shaped Salt & Pepper shakers for still being the cute and best love birds that you have ever seen.