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Syamantaka - Authentic Brass Handicraft Wall Art

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Inspired by the legendary Koh-i-Noor (Mountain of Light), Symantaka is a magnificent piece that will enhance the appeal of any room and be the focus of admiration.

A highly decorative luxurious looking floral mirror with triple border in gold and intricate, ornate design. A mirror should not only be functional, it should be beautiful and this is the perfect example of a stylish piece that works in modern, contemporary and classical settings. In a circular shape with a triple border of silver flowers, it dresses up a bedroom, bathroom or living area.

The flowers are all intricately designed with shapely petals, creating the illusion of movement. Made out of high quality brass with glass his piece will always look sensational, wherever you choose to place it.


  • Syamantaka the legendary Koh-i-Noor (Mountain of Light)
  • Magnificent feature piece, focal point of any space
  • Finish: Brass
  • Material: Brass, Glass, MDF


  • Weight: Base 10.5 kgs, Mirror 4.5 kgs
  • Diameter : 835 mm
  • Depth: 120 mm

 About Sydney Wall Decor

Sydney Wall Decor is a Sydney-based exclusive importer of unique and high-quality Interior Decoration and Art items from the Moradabad craftsmen. Sydney Wall Decor is proud to be associated with the highly skilled craftsmen of Moradabad. Art metalwork has put Moradabad on the global map and has become synonymous with it. The tradition started during Mogul times and is kept alive by the new generations of artists who have learnt the craft from their fathers and forefathers. Moradabad is especially noted for its coloured enamelling and intricate engravings. All our suppliers have been tested and validated for design, quality, ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices.

Fascinated by the movement and magic of nature, Sydney Wall Decor wishes to create this sense of ethereal beauty through their Wall Art. Together with their team of artists and designers, Sydney Wall Decor aims to deliver aesthetically beautiful products that look amazing for customers to experience and enjoy in their special interior spaces.

We believe true artistic design comes from inspiration and a thoughtful process, which can’t be mass-produced or copied. We ensure that all our Wall Decor provides our customers with a one of a kind experience. We pride ourselves not on the beauty of each product, but also the unparalleled appeal and lasting impressions created by our Wall Decor.

Our signature Wall Decors are all thoughtfully designed and created from the highest quality materials.

Syamantaka - Authentic Brass Handicraft Wall Art
Syamantaka - Authentic Brass Handicraft Wall Art
Syamantaka - Authentic Brass Handicraft Wall Art
Syamantaka - Authentic Brass Handicraft Wall Art