Killy Finger Fly Swatter (Set of 2)

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Fly swatters are never there when you really need them. They are too bulky to take with you and always missing when needed. But hey, we've got it covered! Koziol's cute fly swatters slide over your finger, so you can flick away flies any time. These compact swatters are easy and small enough to carry around.
There's even more. With the same money you get a set of four. One for your bedroom, one for your office desk, one to go and one for your friend! Or just dress up as Edward Flyswatter hands. I believe it's a thing, don't Google, trust me.
  • 100% recyclable
  • Design Andreas Hess
  • BPA and melamine free plastic
  • Length 17cm
  • Set of 4

Made in Germany

Quirksy - Quirksy
Quirksy - Quirksy
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