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This is an obvious one, right? Affordable + quirky = student.

You'll work it out, just check out our range here.

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This is an obvious one, right? Affordable + quirky = student.

You'll work it out, just check out our range here.


Welcome to the place where you’ll find the best selection of gifts for college students. Our awesome collection of gifts will put a smile on any student’s face, so check them out and find the perfect one.

As we all know, college students are in constant need of something. This makes them perfect recipients for practical gifts they might make good use of, but it doesn’t hurt anyone if they are on the humorous side. If this describes the present you wish to buy, we welcome you at Quirksy - the best online destination for the unique and affordable gifts for students.

Whether the college student in question is interested in science, the arts, literature, sports or something entirely different, it doesn’t matter, because we’ve got something for everyone.  The only thing left to do is for you to take a look at our suggestions below and see if you can find a gift that’ll make his or her day extra-special. If nothing catches your eye, take a look at our full list of gifts and we guarantee that you’ll find the perfect one.

Best Gifts & Gift Ideas for College Girls

Students are in constant need of coffee, snacks, sodas, and energy drinks in the college cafeteria, or in the library, and the dreaded change they always need so they can get use the vending machine. This is where the quirky Quiksy coin purses come in - a great, simple, and straightforward gift for any student. If the girl that the gift is meant for loves drinking coffee every single day, then the Coffee Money Coin Purse would be an ideal present.

If by any chance she's crazy for shoes, then the Shoe Money Coin Purse will definitely put a smile on her face. But if you are not sure if she likes any of those things and wants to be on the safe side, you can choose the Random Crap Zipper Pouch as an alternative to the previous two or take a look at our other quirky designs.

Another cool gift for college girls is the F**k Off, I’m Reading Crew Socks. Get them and if somebody bothers the girl you’re shopping for, she can tell them to back off in the absolute best way money can buy - by pulling her trousers up to send the message without saying a word.

Best Gifts & Gift Ideas for College Guys

Just like for college girls, coin purses are a great gift for college guys as well. Keeping coins with you is important if you use vending machines regularly, and students use them quite practically every day. If your friend is a beer lover, then the Beer Money Coin Purse may be a fun surprise for him. Does he maybe prefer weed?

In that case, the Weed Money Coin Purse may be something that’ll make him laugh, but he’ll probably cherish it secretly for a long time.

For guys who are more into reading or just like studying at night (as many night-owl students do), the following booklight can be quite useful. The Clip On LED Booklight is a flexible and adjustable light that you can clip to almost any surface or object. A perfect gift for both serious or casual readers, especially for students!

Practical Gifts & Gift Ideas for Students

Students like spending money, but they also know that saving for the future is important for both security and peace of mind. However, we all know that students don’t really save, even if they work while studying. Whether or not the student in question saves, if you want to motivate him or her to be more disciplined with money, the Piggy Sound Banker is a great gift idea. It’s cute, very useful, and a great addition to the nightstand in the dorm or the apartment they live in.

As for those friends who are overly hygienic or even show OCD-like symptoms when it comes to keeping clean, a hand sanitizer or a breath spray would be a fitting present - and a quite funny one, at that. If this sounds like the most boring gift ever, you’ll be surprised when you see the what we have to offer! We have quite a few different hand sanitizers and breath sprays that come in different packages with funny titles. Some of them include the Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitizer and the Instant Gay Accent Breath Spray.

There are much more interesting and practical gifts at Quirksy, so keep browsing and surprise your friends with our super-amusing presents.

Order the Perfect Gift for a Student Online at Quirksy

At Quirksy we strive to offer only the finest gifts you can find online and ship everything the same day so you get the product as soon as possible. This applies to every location in Australia and comes at no additional cost. If you have any questions, our customer service is happy to help you anytime.

But what if you just can’t decide what to buy for the student in your life? Well, a gift card is always a great idea! This way he or she can choose exactly what they like the best and/or need the most. So, choose one of the four amounts we offer, and let the gift-giving begin!