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General exhibition, suitable for all ages but ESPECIALLY intended for children. Quirksy stocks many products suitable for children under the age of 13. Quirksy products may contain classifiable elements such as language and themes that are very mild in impact.

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General exhibition, suitable for all ages but ESPECIALLY intended for children. Quirksy stocks many products suitable for children under the age of 13. Quirksy products may contain classifiable elements such as language and themes that are very mild in impact.

Searching for the coolest gifts for girls and boys? You’ll find whatever you need at Quirksy, from fun and educational to quirky and useful – we have plenty of gifts for kids that all children will love.

Are you looking to buy something cool but practical? Quirksy is the online shop where you can find the perfect gift that your tiny recipient will be excited to unwrap.

Whether you’re looking to buy an awesome present for your own child or grandchild, or maybe a niece, a nephew,  a friend’s kid – don’t worry, we’ve got something for everyone!

At Quirksy, we don’t have the same old typical gendered toys like dolls for girls and cars for boys. On the contrary, all our gifts for kids are for both girls and boys to enjoy equally. So, why not be original and surprise the little ones with something great and unique that they will love? We’ll give you the most fun gift ideas for your kids online, - and some cool and practical ones, - like birthday gift ideas for kids,  So, let the fun begin!

Educational Gifts & Gift Ideas for Kids

We all know that the best way for a young child to learn is through play. So, why not give your child something that’ll help him or her make a difference in their development? We’ve got some great educational gifts for kids to show you that on top of providing learning benefits to any child, they are also super-fun to play with.

Let your little one discover the fun of magnets by playing with the Educational 24 Piece Magnet Set. The kid will enjoy experimenting with the different types of magnets and learn more about magnetic force and the different kinds of materials that magnets can attract. It’s great for ages 6 and above, so spark your kid’s imagination and introduce him or her to the fun world of magnets.

How about introducing them to electronics and critical thinking but in a fun and interactive way? Say no more, for we have the littleBits Base Kit. It’s very easy to use since most parts are colour-coded and putting them together is a breeze due to the magnetic connectors. There are also instructions on how to use the kit and build different things, and if you want even more ideas all you need to do is visit the LittleBits website. The little future engineer will be able to design a flashlight, a lamp, an alarm, as well as other interesting designs that’ll make him or her feel like a real inventor. If the base kit is not enough or the child in question is a bit older, you can buy the littleBits Premium Kit instead where you’ll get more parts for even more inventions!

Cool and Practical Gifts & Gift Ideas for Kids

For the young teen who enjoys reading or the kid who’s only now learning how to read, we’ve got something that’ll make this activity fun and at least somewhat entertaining. Think that’s impossible? Check out the Crocomark bookmark. No kid will be able to resist using this quirky bookmark that’ll submerge into the pages once he or she stops reading.

How about something cool and practical that’ll remind them they’re awesome no matter what? The Who’s Awesome? You’re Awesome pencil case will be appreciated by both girls and boys, while the I’m a Girl, What’s Your Superpower? pencil case is a great gift for the young lady who goes to school to store her school-related belongings.

Birthday Gifts & Gift Ideas for Kids

All of the above-mentioned gifts will make wonderful birthday gifts for the young ones, but let’s give you some more birthday gift ideas that any kid will enjoy.

Want to teach your kid about saving money? Our Piggy Banker will certainly do the trick. This overly cute little pig will keep all of their coins safe, and you can instruct them not to open it until it’s completely full. This way, they’ll be surprised by the amount they collected and will learn that saving money is not such a bad idea after all. You can insert a few coins yourself and make this gift even better for the youngster in question.

Another money-related gift that any kid will love is this Half Dollar Mighty Wallet. This is a great gift for young teens as well, but make sure to surprise them even more by putting a couple of dollars inside. So, if they’re not so impressed by this great wallet at first, they’ll sure as hell be after opening it.

How about something that’ll work both for the youngest ones as well as teens? The T. Dog cushion will definitely do the trick. It’s a great addition to your toddler’s stuffed animal collection that he’ll fall asleep with every single night due to it being so adorable and soft. How will this work for teens, you may wonder? Well, it’s a cushion, so even you can use it for resting your head once in a while. But wait, there’s more! The T. Dog makes the perfect travel companion, whether the teen recipient travels by bus, by car, or by plane. This cushion will provide anyone hours of superior comfort by having their neck and head supported. Perfect for everyone, especially dog lovers.

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