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Wear the wares that we're proud to sell.

Looking for some quirky clothing with unusual and colorful illustrations? Maybe a pair of unique socks with funny messages, cool coin purses, totes, and shopper bags with beautiful yet unusual designs? Or maybe you want a pair of cool and vintage-inspired sunglasses? At Quirksy, we’ve got an awesome collection of quirky clothing that will bring you joy just by looking at it. So, if you’re looking for something one of a kind - for yourself, or a gift for a loved one, you’ve found your way to the perfect online store.

Online shopping can be a stressful job, but don’t worry; Quirksy is the one-stop shop where you’ll find the quirkiest gifts for any person in your life. So, if you have a special someone’s birthday coming up, a holiday, or another special day and you’re in need of something great, peruse our quirky clothing collection and you’ll find just the thing you need. Let’s give you some ideas.

Quirky Socks for Him and Her

If you think that socks make a boring gift, you haven’t seen our cool pairs with crazy messages. We’ve got so many different pairs of socks that suit any personality, so you’ll surely find the perfect pair for the person you’re buying a gift for.

For example, if the girl you’re shopping for is more of an introvert than an extrovert, she’ll very much appreciate the Go Away I’m Introverting socks. How about something funky for the biggest feminists in your life? We’ve got you with the I’m a Girl What’s Your Superpower and More Feminism Less Bullshit socks. Do you want to tell the special girl she’s beautiful? The So Damn Pretty pair will certainly do the job. Is she a Netflix addict by any chance? If the answer’s yes, then the One More Episode socks will be the perfect pair to wear while binging her favorite show.

Let’s give you some ideas for the guys as well. If you want to tell your bro how much you appreciate him, the Yo Dude, Love Your Stupid Face will send him the message, in a manly way, of course. How about surprising him with some hilarious messages that’ll surely make him smile? We’ve got plenty of those, like the Fuck This Shit and I Gave a Fuck Once socks. If smoking weed is one of his favorite activities, you’ll make his day with the I Don’t Care, I’m High socks, as for the avid gamer, the Fuck Off I’m Gaming socks will become his favorite piece of clothing.

If you think he’ll fall in love with some of the quirky socks we offer, you should maybe take a couple so he always has a clean pair, especially if he lives with you.

Quirky Coin Purses

Let’s be honest, women can never have enough accessories, and this goes for coin purses as well. We’ve got some great ones to show you, like the Bitches Get Stuff Done coin purse. It’s cute, colorful, and with a message on point! Do you want to tell her how beautiful she is without actually saying it? The You’re Beautiful, Don’t Change coin purse will let her know so you don’t have to, but she’ll still know it’s coming from you, so she’ll receive both a gift and a compliment, lucky girl. We’ve got a variety of other coin purses that suit many personalities, like the Natural Born Shopper and the Financial Disaster coin purses, so make sure to check them all out and find the right one for that special girl.

Quirky Totes and Shopper Bags

Just like with accessories, a girl can never have too many bags as well, so why not surprise her with one of a kind tote or shopper bag? We’ve got something for everyone, like the So Much To Do shopper for that shopaholic in your life that’ll surely use it on her next shopping spree. Want to surprise the girl who loves her pet more than anything? You’ll definitely do it with the People to Meet: Dogs shopper or the Here Kitty shoulder tote. But if you just want to give her a beautiful bag and send no particular message, the Random Crap shopper will do just that!

Quirky Sunglasses

Have you seen our cool and retro-inspired sunglasses, like the black cat-eyed pair? The perfect accessory for any chic woman who likes vintage fashion. But if you think she’s too cool for this classic pair, we’ve got the same style in more modern colors, so check out the cat-eyed blue crystal sunglasses to see if that’s the right pair for her. Another classic are the black retro sunglasses with gold reflective lenses made with black Italian acetate. Take a look at the whole collection if you think sunglasses will surprise her the most.

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In addition to these awesome gifts, we’ve got one more surprise for you! If you’re anywhere in Australia or New Zealand, once you make your order we’ll ship it immediately, so don’t worry if you’re doing last-minute shopping. Also, if your order is over $59 we’ll ship it for free, so choose your favorite items today and you’ll get them in a couple of days!

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