Transport the bibliophiles into the magical world of books with gifts by Quirksy!

“May the books be with you,” says Yoda. Yes, but then the bookworm in your life probably has more books than you can even think about. While counting the books (Have a look at our Darth-certified  Star Wars-themed collection. Feel the force of the dark side with our Darth Vader collection as it’s always perfect to strike them with an excellent gift. 

Chances are their bookshelves are already squeaking, as they are very particular about their literary diet. Even if reading is their favourite thing, no one wants to have a book that they already own. They've probably already read the best-seller you've been eyeing, so change it up. Let’s play it safe and get a quirky and cheeky few book-themed accessories for them. Instead of adding another exhaustive book of dubious appeal, why not think outside the bo(ok)x? There are plenty of reading-adjacent presents that will support their favourite pastime.

Ask someone who likes to read and how they would feel if anyone returns a book they borrowed with folds in page corners like dog ears. Sounds Awful! A page marker is a must-have for any bookworm and if they are an animal lover they will fawn over a cute ‘Hippo Mark - Bookmark. This cute hippo will tell them exactly where they left as it gracefully swims through the pages and elegantly emerges from the plot.

If your friends hate getting disturbed whilst reading, gift them a lovely pair of socks saying ‘Fuck Off I’m Reading Ladies’. Oh, for the love of books! Just wear these fun reading socks and point to your socks if someone starts interrupting. These outrageously sassy statement socks are cheeky, sarcastic, and a whole lot to pull off.

Who needs an old and boring bookmark to keep their page in the right place, where they left? Give the bookworm in your life a colourful and playful Zipmark - Bookmark which is bound to open the book on the right page.

A sock with Book Person Forever would be a perfect gift for your mate who can’t get enough of the books.  Whatever genre they crave these days as a reading lover, they are going to need these fun book socks. Let them put on these socks and show off their love and affection while curling up their favourite book.

Ah, the reclusive, ever silent, immersed in another world bookworms would love these book-themed presents. These unique and quirky bookish gifts, which are of course not books, will please any bibliophile, regardless of the genre, they prefer to read. 

There are addicts, and then there are stationery addictsEverywhere they go, their eyes are on the stationery aisle to purchase and claim as their personal treasure. If you take a look at their stock, you could think to yourself, "You could open a shop with all this unused stationery!" 

If you know a stationery junkie, you should know that no gift is more appropriate for them than a stationery piece. So, here on ‘Quirksy’ we have curated a list of quirky and cheeky unexpected little gifts to make your loved ones ‘Smile’. From ‘pencil clip, ‘paper clip dispenser, ‘Arty Memo Holder’ to ‘Mini Beanie calendar,  a true stationery addict will want every single one of them! 

So, the next time you're stumped as to what to get your stationery-obsessed friend, you'll know you've got a list ready which is available only on Quirksy!