Special gifts for the man in your life!

How come males never seem to desire or need anything, yet we *women* can barely keep our purchasing habits in check? Well, that’s one thing which no one can answer!! Men are disreputably tough to shop for, so you may need to delve into an uncharted area to discover something they'll like. Whatever your guy's interests and personality, there are lots of awesomely weird presents that he'll use and enjoy.

You might’ve bought the tie, shaving kit, and the smart canvas backpack a thousand times before. Clothes and utilitarian goods might get boring after a while, especially if you've been dating for a while. When it comes to buying for men, humour is a foolproof way to go. Even if your partner has everything, a funny and practical present will do the magic.

Isn't it true that men enjoy humorous jokes? They're always up for a good laugh by making fun of you or by pulling out some random pranks daily to irritate you or make you laugh. Finding a silly present that suits his hilarious taste might not be easy but our quirky and cheeky collection will definitely make them giggle. If your man is a bit of a weirdo, we've got plenty of unique presents for him to appease his inner freakoid.  

Consider this: If you're not sure what to get them (or if he's a humorous person who deserves an equally funny present), a silly, non-serious gift is a terrific option. Give him something he won't anticipate!

We've all had days when we just want to be pampered by our loved ones without saying anything. Those who have partners who can telepathically know their wishes are fortunate! Gift them I Left The Seat Up Men's Socks, to get your attention, as he deserves some pampering for doing so. All he needs to do is lift his soles to communicate the message without having to move a finger. We have the perfect gift for him if he hasn't been a nice guy lately. Certified Pain In The A** - Men's Socks needless to say, he will be puzzled, but we believe he will understand the message. Gift your man Sorry in Advance Men's Socks if he is one of those guys who never listens to your advice and makes silly mistakes. These socks will act as a friendly reminder whenever he forgets to take your kind advice. If you want to live, just keep on saying sorry, no matter what!! Oh, he loves whiskey, we hear you. How about gifting these Whiskey Socks, he'll never go out for a drink without wearing these!

Does your boyfriend make fun of your cooking skills? It’s time to make fun of his culinary skills, gift him
Man With A Pan Oven Mitt that emphasises his kitchen mediocrity (all in good fun, of course). If he's a terrific chef, it'll be even funnier as it is always a safe pick when it comes to humorous gifts.


When your boyfriend messes up with dinner and there is nothing left to eat. The only option left is pizza delivery, which is always there to the rescue!! These Pizza's Here Oven Mitt is a perfect gift for the take-out king in your life, who has a degree in ruining the dinner plans! You might have been in a situation when your boyfriend invited his school friends and neighbours over for dinner without even consulting you? And he kept on asking when will the dinner be ready? Give him Feed You F*ckers Oven Mitt to make him realise you don’t have three sets of arms or something to cook food for a bunch of hungry lions. We can smell something burning up!! Oh, it’s him!!

Your boyfriend is a rambunctious guy who loves to go on long bicycle rides but ‘without’ you. As he thinks you need some pretty serious balls to ride a bicycle these days. So, it’s time to add a bit of humour to their rides with Bike Balls Waterproof Bicycle Lights and let them grab some attention. You can tell them to get on your bike and grab some balls. Well, it’s important to be seen after all.

Does your guy have more cartons of beer than a 'six pack’? They also plan on spending hundreds of dollars on personal trainers and diet plans every week and you know it’s not going to work as they simply can’t resist beer? Tell them there is no need to spend money on the gym and simply give them
Funny Birthday Message Man Kitchen & Garden Apron to see an immediate difference. These amusing aprons will give him ripped abs on his birthday and they won’t even feel scared to flaunt it all! It will be a visual feast. If you enjoy that type of stuff!!

Consider these Swago Cologne Wipes To Go | 4 Pack as men's baby wipes. We're not implying that men act childish. No one said that. In all seriousness, a man may benefit from a wet wipe now and then, to freshen up after a long day at work. As there are times when your boyfriend refuses to take a shower after playing football or some exercise. The smell from his sweat drives you crazy but you can’t do much as you have to go out for a dinner party. Save yourself from that sh*tty smell by giving them these wipes and say that you're a gentleman, and you deserve to smell like one.

Let them consider this amusing gift
 Damn Dude Lavatory Mist a friendly hint: Everyone will be a little bit happier if he uses it before going to the bathroom—at your place, his, or anywhere else life takes him. If he has a good sense of humour, he'll laugh when he receives this gift and keep it on hand for when he needs it. We also have an outstanding collection of Lavatory Mist from  That Was Oustanding to Eclipse Of The Fart to gift them as there’s nothing like a little self-affirmation! Only two brief veils of mist are required to clear the air of any sh*tty odour. Pretty darn useful!!

Does your boyfriend always lose track of where his hands have been? If that’s the case ask them to use ‘Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitizer after they've touched those unsanitary spots. Let them use this amusing hand sanitizer bottle to freshen up his hands. When others see it, they will definitely borrow it, and it will make them chuckle. A clean getaway!!

Don't give him just any old and dreary present. Choose from our unique selection of quirky and cheeky drink accessories and presents that will put a big smile on his face! Why make champagne erupt out of the bottle when you can screw it with the help of a little bull. The Koziol Torr Corkscrew is an excellent present for someone who enjoys extreme celebrations and a giggle from time to time.

If he’s someone who parties a lot and you are concerned about him puking any minute and creating a mess. Gift him the
XD Design - Aqua Bottle’ to keep him hydrated whether he's partying till the wee hours of the morning or simply going for a walk.  These drinking presents won’t disappoint him, from a Wasted Bottle Stopper’ to a XD Design - Multifunction Bottle Opener (if you know, you know) to a humorous No Thank You Ok Maybe Just A Little Bit Dish Towel.

This year try something different from Quirksy and go for a cheesy gag gift. Here's a selection of the funniest gifts that are sure to make your man giggle! Given how difficult it is to find a gift for a man, these humorous presents will undoubtedly come in handy. We've done all the hard work of finding the perfect gift for your boyfriend and now it's your turn to choose!