Sharpen your culinary senses and knifes with some Quirky gifts!

Your friends love murder mysteries and have a huge knife collection at their home, what would strike in your mind? I would suggest just grab your things as it would be pointless to stay there and say it was ‘knife’ to see you! That would definitely be ‘a knife changing experience’ for you. Well, Jokes Apart!! On special occasions, you just can’t tell a knife joke to your friend as it just won't cut it. So, it’s in your best interest to gift your knife-o-holic mate something sharp to get them going, definitely not for murders but their personal collection.

If you are the one who is afraid of the dainty big knives at your friend's home, then gift them this cute and quirky ‘Bert - Multipurpose vegetable and fruit knife’ to make your life simple. After all, who cares about their friends? The next time they have you over, you can both enjoy slicing and chopping together. We believe that would work knife-ly.

Don’t be ‘hippo-critical’ while deciding on a gift for your friend. Your mate is a ‘fruit ninja’ fan, but with blunt knives? Surprise them with a hippo-ster Hippo Blade - Knife Sharpenerto sharpen their knives and get them ready to out-slice the fruits. Chop Chop!! They might be overly cautious the first time they will use them. But believe it or not, the hippo seems to like it. Just Insert and move happy knife sharpening.

Whenever your friend takes the knife out from the drawer, you always say, “Whoa, are you going to stab someone?” It’s often a joke, but it still gets them every time. Whether they have a zeal for throwing knives or a cutlery connoisseur, Magnetic Tool and knife holder’ is perfect for them! Gives out the message that no-one messes with them as ‘There is No Love Sincere than the Love of Food’.

 Pizza is the answer, but I am not sure about the question. Well, who the hell cuts pizza with a knife? Oh, if it’s your friend then we have got a Koziol-Kant-Pizzacutter which is not your typical pizza cutter! Gift them this cutter and say, ‘this is how I cut carbs.’ This may be the manliest thing in their home, and it would make a perfect present for anyone on your list.

It's time to toggle off Ratatouille and buy a gift for your real-life knife lover to make their ‘knife’ easier. If they are fussy about knives, surprise them with a Sahsa Medium Gourmet Knife, to make them giggle and handover the entire cutting business to them. Your gift will be on ‘point’ for sure.

It's time to look for something new and exciting to offer your friends and family if you're tired of disappointing presents. There's a knife enthusiast out there who will light up at the sight of these quirky and useful gifts at any time of the year. A knife or multi-tool will give your gift a kick and humour that other gifts can't match. 

Gags are a great way to share a laugh with friends and family, even though they're sometimes pointless. Do you have a loved one who is a bit of a dab hand in the kitchen or a big foodie, who loves to experiment? Do you always find them in the kitchen and want to keep those delicious meals coming? If yes, you're in luck! In Quirksy, you will find the best collection of kitchen gag gifts from tea towels, oven mitts to dish towel which will be the perfect addition to their home and who knows, you could become their taste tester!