Quirky gifts for the adventure and bike lover in you!

You might think that finding something bike-related is impossible for your cycling enthusiast friend. Well, now you’re on the right path! It can be tricky to know what a good gift for a cyclist is, especially if you’re not a bike-rider yourself. Paddle down slowly if you are two-tired to find a perfect present. All you need is to ‘handle’ the search calmly or if you need a ‘brake’ from the gift-hunting, we are here to take over.

Whether you are buying the gift for a newbie commuter or a trendy urban biker, we have worked tyre-sly to find the most cheeky and quirky gifts. The presents might turn out to be ‘wheely-good’ for the two-wheeled enthusiast in your life.

One of the can’t go-wrong-gifts for cycle lovers is Bike Path Men's Socks. Tell them they cannot become a cyclist without a pair of truly sporty and cheeky men’s socks. Let your cyclist buddy pull up these bike socks and go for a long ride or just pop over to the beer store. These socks will steal the show. The cyclist in your life will have to smile at these, as most socks are lame.

How's it hanging? How often do you ask your friends this question? It takes wit, grit, and balls to ride a cycle on Australian roads, so let them show what they got. Give your cycle enthusiast Bike Balls Waterproof Bicycle Lights these hilarious scrotum-shaped bike lights that will hang and wobble from the back of their bike. They’ll suddenly get all the attention which they used to crave for and make the most disgruntled car driver smile with their illuminated light-

It’s time to do bottoms up with these cute Bottle Clip-Hang On'. Perfect for those who can’t hold on to anything in their life like ‘Rose couldn’t hold on to Jack's hand’. But your friends can certainly hold on to a water bottle which is ‘wheelie-fortunate’. They just need it to ‘Hang in there’. This super cute birdy bottle cap would free their hands from all the burden as it’s just not a clip, it’s a super clip.

Are you sick of lugging your friend's cumbersome bookbag around? It's time to save yourself from all the load and let them say bye to a sweaty back and sore shoulders. Gift this amazing ‘Bicycles Shopper’ bag to your mates and wait for their chain reaction. A quirky and unique present for your loved ones to escape from thevicious cycle’.

Buying bike-themed gifts should be fun and here are some of the spin-worthy and cheeky presents that are sure to be enjoyed by cyclists. These gifts will make them ride more easily or giggle, as they’ll think of you each time they use it.

Not sure of these gifts will get the rider in your mate excited? Worry not, let’s get the tech-savvy gamers in the loop. if you're looking to switch it up this year and get a gaming-related gift, we're here to help. These gifts for gamers are total crowd-pleasers for all of the video game aficionados on your shopping list! So, take your pick from the wide range of varieties we have on Quirksy. Even if you’re a bike enthusiast or a hardcore gamer, Worry not! as we’ve got you all covered.