Proclaim your love for your girlfriend with some humorous gifts by Quirksy!


We know that women aren't lying when they say they want a man who can make them laugh. Women love to laugh, and as much as we talk about sentimental, intimate, and gooey gifts for women, we also know that funny gifts are the best way to keep them rolling with laughter.

When we think about gifting something to our girlfriend, we generally come across typical gift ideas like diamonds, lavish flower arrangements, surprise trips to Paris, or terrifyingly large teddy bears. That can be a little too much depending on you (or how long you've known them) (and can be out of reach). Humour is the guiding light for those shopping for low-pressure presents for their girlfriend.

Finding a humorous gift for your girlfriend can be a little challenging. For starters, it depends on her preferences. If she is obnoxious? Is she amused by some things and disgusted by others? Would she be able to distinguish between what is and isn't a joke? Think about it and look at our set of funny and quirky gifts for her. We're confident you'll find something to make her laugh, even if it's just for a day or two. There's something for everyone here, from sarcasm and sass to self-deprecation and outright silliness, because humour is always the greatest gift. You will find something extraordinary for every type of woman from foodies, homebodies, caffeine addicts, to flower lovers.

This curated collection of cheeky and laugh-worthy gift ideas is exactly where to look for inspiration if your partner is more interested in discovering the humour in life than focusing on the serious stuff—or if you've both agreed to avoid the mushy-gushy and overly expensive presents.

If your girlfriend is the one who keeps her cold feet on your legs, when you are warm and cosy and it passes a bolt of shiver in your entire body, then it’s time to gift her a cheeky pair of socks. ‘B*tch I AM Relaxed Crew Socks’  or  ‘Cute, But Psycho Crew Socks’ is a perfect way to showcase your concern for her cold feet and a smart way to state the sarcastic truth. Well, it will DEFINITELY help them relax and you couldn't possibly be more relaxed. Now, no need to let ’em put their legs all over you when you’re trying to relax! What bliss?

And, of course, there must be a couple of food puns thrown in for good measure. A ‘Secret Ingredient Oven Mitt’ will remind you that by choosing her, you (obviously) struck gold in the love department. The secret ingredient is ‘her’ in your life. So Romantic!! This oven mitt as a gift comes down to possessing a wicked sense of humour and impeccable taste.

Is your girlfriend is a saviour, who keeps a check on all your small titbits? Give her ‘Bad A** Woman Zipper Pouch’ as she takes care of all your needs. Let her carry this zipper pouch filled with your stuff!

Do you have a no-holds-barred girlfriend who isn't afraid to say what she thinks? Choose from these hilarious tea towels from ‘F*ck 'Em Tea Towel’, ‘Get The Hell Out Tea Towel’, Eat Up B*tches Tea Towel’ to ‘Doing F*cking Great Tea Towel’ a perfect gift for her. It's one of those inappropriate presents for her that she'll never forget, full of witty insults for every occasion.

Your girlfriend could pass for a professional party planner—she knows how to put together a beautiful cheese plate, keep guests entertained, and make the perfect martini. Surprise her with ‘Babell Fruit Dish by Kaziol - XS’ this beautiful serving dish, can literally fuel her entertaining addiction.

Starbucks is your girlfriend's second home, and she has more coffee in her blood than wine. She's addicted to her regular cup of joe, so this ‘XD Design - Manual Coffee Press in a Gift Box’ would be perfect for her. Well, who needs complicated technology and time-consuming upkeep?

Only five more minutes: famous last words from your girlfriend who has spent hours in the bathroom taking a shower, doing straightening or makeup. It just always leaves you worried if you'll make it to the dinner reservation on time. Give her  ‘You Kill Me Soap’ as she kills you with her time management skills. The gift will make her smell like white tea and violet and clearly display your message too. You will feel soa-peaceful!

If your girlfriend is into cooking and she cooks while looking at everything from Gordon Ramsay's culinary techniques, a cookbook to finding new recipes on YouTube. It’s time to confuse her with ‘XD Design Tablet Stand with Touchpen’. She might think it's a spatula or a spoon. Let her think!! If she still doesn’t get it, then grab a chance when she is indulged in cooking up like a storm and place her phone on the Cooklet Tablet Stand and let her cook peacefully without any distraction. What a humorous way to cook!!

Nothing beats a stunning bouquet of fresh flowers to brighten your girlfriend's day (or week). But, isn’t it boring to give flowers that won’t even last for a long time? This time try something different: gift her ‘KOZIOL-Alice Bag’, a cute bag with romantic flowers perfect for parties, offices, picnics, or shops. She'll love that you picked it out for her!!

Are you looking for a quirky gift for your lady love with a good sense of humor? Remember matching best friend necklaces? We’re not suggesting you to give them a best friend necklace! Duhhh!!! If she is the one who plays nonsense pranks on you and makes you cringe sometimes, gift her 'fragile’ Heart Necklace - Break It to Make ItGive her this necklace and say you are breaking up with her and see the tears floating out of her eyes. This necklace is meant to be broken and she might really think you are breaking up with her. This amusing cheeky gift is sure to get noticed and she can even ‘Hit’ you. No Jokes!! But after all the drama you can break the necklace and give her the other half as the necklace is meant to build the relationship rather than destroying it!! A lot of drama is coming your way. Get ready!!

You know the drill!! When you reach home with your girlfriend, she blindly rummages through her purse or backpack to find the keys. She searches around blindly, thinking they're in there, hoping they're in there... Asking you, isn't it true that they're in there? The panic strikes as she rifles through the pockets, her palms start sweating, till she feels the familiar cool metal on her fingertips. Let’s avoid the stress with ‘SOI Handbag Light’ as the light turns on when she will open her bag to search for something and the light turns off on its own after the search is over. This could be her new best (bag) friend!!

Consider this: When you don't know what to get them (or if she's a funny girl who deserves an equally hilarious present), a silly, non-serious gift from Quirksy is a great option. It's thoughtful, light-hearted, and easy to shop for (which we really like!).