Proclaim your love for stationary to the world with gifts from Quirksy!

Whether you have an obsession with cool stationery or know someone who has a stationery fetish, this is the only place where you can satisfy your passion. When it comes to exclusive stationery, few of us can resist. Who doesn't like collecting colourful tapes, lovely diaries, and one-of-a-kind pens? No matter how busy we are on our keyboards or mobiles, nothing beats the unique feeling of a pen scratching on paper to make us feel accomplished.

There are addicts and then there are stationery addicts! These kinds of aficionados are always on the lookout for some stationery to buy and claim as their treasure. Literally, when you browse at their stationery collection, you could think to yourself, "You might open a shop with all this unused stationery!”

‘I Love My Dog Pencil Case’. A true dog lover would tattoo that on their forehead if it didn't get the strange stares. BELIEVE US! We also have a collection of quirky zipper pouches for bird lovers, a rainbow-themed pencil case for the colourful personalities, Hands Off my Doodads for the freaks to Bit*h I Am Relaxed Pencil Case for the bookworms in your life.

Ever thought about how your friends organise their stacked stationery? Well, from my experience I have literally seen their pens rolling off the table and their sticky notes stuck everywhere. Worry Not!! We have a gift for the disorganised fella, Koziol - PELLE Pen & Pencil Holder which makes organising a no longer chore. No more grabbing the wrong highlighter as they can keep everything at the same place. So convenient!!

Some of you might remember the epic Tim Burton’s gothic masterpiece ‘Edward Scissorhands’. An incomplete artificial humanoid with scissor blades instead of hands. We think he was a pretty sharp guy. LMAO!! If your mates drive you crazy with their sharp tongue, give them a multi-functional Ricardo- Travel Card, for all sorts of sharp-edged needs! This might get really out of hand. This colourful and cute guard will keep an eye on them at all times, so you'll always know where they are! A functional accessory that works well in both the office and the children's room.

Since most of us spend countless hours on our desks, make it worth a while by gifting a cool
Pendy Monitor Stationary Tray - Peleg Design.This is probably a smidgeon more adorable than the usual tray tape dispenser and keeps all your knick-knacks organised in one place. Heck yes!! SPEEDY stays put even when everything else is in a spin. Surely it beats someone taking a post-it note on the edge of their computer screen!

Just remembering the moment when you lost your favourite pencil is quite
pen-ful. The amount of pencils we all might have lost is too damn high. If your friend is the one who takes your pencils and never returns them back. Give them ‘Peleg Design - Clippen Bird Pen/Pencil Clip’ a cute little birdy to hold their pencil close to their notebooks. So that it won't disappear. The gift will be ‘On Point’. Don’t forget to look at our cute and animal-themed ‘Clippen Collection’.

 We all have been playing pen fighting with our mates, but have you ever tried sword fighting? If yes, gift the fearless fighter on your list Pen Swords Eraser and we are sure it will leave them laughing into pieces. The eraser sword is mighty, but they say the pen is even mightier. So by our calculations, whoever wields these adorable ‘PenSwords’ will be utterly invincible, right? No mistake will ever stand in their way, as they will get ERASED. Time to draw your SWORDS, as they will be Cut-Lass.

Are your loved ones note-taking experts and keep forgetting their pen when they need to write something? Worry Not. Gift them
Arty Memo Holder - Peleg Design, who is here to save the day :). We also have aMr. P - ONE MAN HOLE, Pen Holder’, so now losing a pencil or pen is pointless. Gift your mates Oh Pen - Unique Magnetic Pen’, who is broken just like them. Kidding!!

This may sound strange but have you ever seen a rifle pen? If not we insist you gift this not at all dangerous ‘Oh Pen - Unique Magnetic Pen that can hold notes’ 
to your friends or the kids on your list. It will not shoot, that’s for sure, but it’s pretty awesome for a pen. Whenever they’ll pull it out in class everybody would want to be their friend. Perfect to make friends, as no one wants enemies!! So, get going all pew pew pew on your homework or to-do list.

We know that some of our colleagues and friends buzz about being busy all the time. They always try to make some excuses at the end of the day, to go out with you. All we can say is don't worry, bee punny! Give them time to buzz with productivity with these paper clips!!! You'll bee-come an instant hit in your office! ‘Bee’ sure to thank us later.  Also, check out our super fun fish-shaped Sardine Paper Clips to keep the ocean of papers organised. Just don`t try to eat them!

With our cheeky and unique stationery collection, you can make a stationery magpie's dreams come true. So, go craaazy filling up that shopping cart with quirky stationery items. Happy shopping!!

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