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When it comes to giving gifts the first thing that strikes the mind is ‘Flowers’. They're considered as a good bet that will be well received. But, whenever I see a man buying flowers, I usually think, what he did wrong? LOL!! But no doubt, flowers have long been the path to everyone’s heart, whether the message is "Happy Birthday”, “Happy Valentine's Day," "Sorry I f*cked up," or simply "I love you."

Before you fall back on flowers, the old standby, consider unique gifts that are personal and fun to give and get. A flower-themed present is better than actual flowers as they won't wilt or need any maintenance in the first week and will last longer. So, if you’d like to gift a bit of a different this time, be it a guy or a girl, consider our unusual flower-themed products that are more thoughtful than a beloved bouquet of flowers. Don’t be so Pricky!!

Go ahead and make your Boss’s Day with one-of-a-kind magnetic vases’! Give your mother a useful floral shoulder bag or surprise your bad*ass BFF with  I'm a Delicate F**king Flower - Hand cream’! We've compiled a list of unusual and unbeleaf-able flower-themed gifts that add some floral effects to your gift-giving idea and won't

Well, some of you must have asked your ‘bud’y to stop buying flowers and storing them at their homes? As you are bored of looking at the same tedious and unattractive flowerpot, which makes the fresh flowers look unpleasant. Our Florino Friendly Flower Vase is the once and flo-ral present for your fanatical buddies. The vase is simply iris-istible as it has got flexible arms and legs to place him in whatever position they like. You can finally ask them, hey bud, how’s it growing?

Have you been in a situation when your flower lover is carrying a Tulip, eating junk, taking selfies, and bombarding social media with their stories? That’s cliché!! Forget about getting them another Tulip as a gift, rather give them ‘Tulip Tea Infuser’, to get them in a blooming mood. Our Tulip Tea Infuser will not only make them drink healthy but also make them to be in their best shape possible both mentally and physically. Well, they will thank you and say, ‘You’re my best bud’.

Do you know somebody who is a little bit "sweet as sugar" and a little bit "evil to the bone," like most women? Their obsession with flowers can be seen clearly as they have everything in floral designs from clothes, accessories to their interior. It’s time to take their fascination to the next level by surprising them with I'm a Delicate F**king Flower-hand cream, to smell aggressively like a flower. Try to slip it in as a present for someone you like being touched by. Or you can give them ‘I'm A Delicate Flower Women's Socks’ that could act as a gentle warning to not let someone F*** with them. As all they need is attention and a lot of LuV!

We know people who love Rose, Lillie, Orchids, or Sunflowers but do you have anyone on your list who can’t keep their eyes off ‘Lotus’. It’s definitely hard to buy them a lotus flower but you can gift Lotus Shoulder Tote’. As they might have got bored of their rude and obnoxious bags. This bag is what they will have once and floral. Give the ‘anthophile’ a Big Butterfly Tote and say don’t want to bug you, but I care for you. These quirky and cheeky bags will last a looooong time and are perfect for the eco-conscious pal in your life.

I love flowers more than humans; you must have heard that line a thousand times from that one ‘PRICK’. They spend most of their time in the garden as they think it’s too peopley outside. Gifting them feels like a hell of a task and you don’t want to succ at it. We totally understand. They might have a load of flower pots but we bet they won’t have Magnetic Vases’. These magical ultra-thin vases are sure to make their visitors worried that they would topple anytime. Well, they won’t, beleaf us!!

While it's not compulsory to buy flowers for a gift, though it's a lovely gesture our beautiful flower-themed presents will make them laugh out loud and drool. We want to bring JOY to people by providing exclusive, practical, often cheeky products and make your loved ones smile.

We've compiled a collection of truly fascinating gardening gifts, tools, and accessories that will make their hearts sing. Warning: You'll probably want to keep all of these one-of-a-kind and hard-to-find presents for yourself (and we don't blame you; they're too much fun)

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