Life with a pinch of Salt & Pepper, the Quirky way!

The way god made Eve for Adam, similarly, salt and pepper are like the yin and yang of kitchen spices. You can't have one without the other! But that doesn't mean they need to look boring. It’s time to shake things up, yeah quite literally with a pinch of our quirky and humorous Salt and Pepper Collection . A perfect housewarming gift or just a quick way to bring a sense of fun for the friends who are fed up with the daily grind. "That’ll be so-dium funny!" So, if you're looking for something high in sodium and spicy, look no further.
It's a wonderful gift to help a mate spice up their life or to acknowledge their hard work. They’ll take the gift as a condiment. Well, nothing is more annoying than shaking a salt and pepper bottle hundreds of times just to get a few grains of tasty goodness on your plate. And here at Quirksy, we've got the most interesting and unusual varieties which are Instagram-worthy. So, when your guests reach for seasoning at your next dinner party, they'll certainly notice these funky and cute salt and pepper sets. These shakers will transform bland seasoning into a comical mealtime show!

Treat your favourite dynamic duo who are like a perfect blend of salt and pepper. Gift them ‘Mr. Salt & Mrs. Pepper Shaker by V. Jacquart’ to shake up their relationship. No wonder, two people, one gift, zero stress. Totally works, right? No matter if they help each other in cooking or not, these small helpers will heroically be ready with a good sprinkling, waiting politely for them at the dinner table. Season’s Greetings!!

Know someone who does something so out of character just to get themselves noticed? And, they need royal treatment whenever they go out. Time to give them a ‘Royalty Check’. The attention seeking queen in your life needs a bit of seasoning, surprise them with ‘Major Pepper’. The salt and pepper shaker won’t let their guards down. They will be their dutiful guardian and would not lift a millimetre until they use it. A little taste of London.

Is there someone who doesn’t like mountains? We believe, No One!! As, they are hill-areas. You might have some friends on your list who love hiking and want to go to the Himalayas for a ‘peak’ experience. Who knows when they will go for a thrill-seeking adventure, till then boost their spirit and cooking with ‘Himalaya Mountain Spice Shakers’. A practical and humorous gift with a majestic sight to spice up their rack with its little snow toppers. S-Picey, S-Picey!!

You might remember ‘Eglantine’ young owlet from Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'hoole. He was so cute that most of us wanted to keep him, but that was not at owl-possible. After all, hoo don’t love these birds? They are majestic, with big mysterious eyes, and the look of knowing all wisdom. Well, no one is stopping us from collecting cute and quirky owl-related objects. If your friend is an owl fan or enthusiast, Emu-se them with ‘Elli Owl shaped Salt & Pepper shakers’ featuring their favourite bird of prey. These cute salt and pepper shakers are for owl seasons. Howlarious!!


Your clumsy mates can’t stop themselves from breaking things. They’re not just clumsy, they are accident-prone. Do you often get scared when they come at your place, thinking they might break your crockery? It's time for you to give them a gift which they can break, without actually breaking it. Confused?? ‘Fragile’ salt and pepper shaker set is all they need for emphatically breaking something, apart from their clumsiness. This salt and pepper shaker set will give them an opportunity to snap it in half, to make it useful. A gift that works after getting wrecked!!

Have you ever thought that astronauts might often crave spicy food in space? But the lack of gravity causes nasal congestion, making food harder to taste. But, spacemen and women can ‘take the spices with them when they blast off. You and your science-nerd can't go to space, but can certainly have an out of this world dining experience with ‘Space Spice Rocket Salt and Pepper Shakers’. We don't know whether this rocket is suitable for deep space missions, but astronauts would want it to be on their next mission. Unfortunately, they’re not NASA approved yet.

Regardless of who you're shopping for or what day you're celebrating, these cute and quirky salt and pepper shakers make an excellent kitchen gift for anyone trying to enhance their cooking or kitchen aesthetic.

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