Give your humour a touch down to matchup with the old souls with gifts from Quirksy.

Gen Xers are notoriously difficult to buy for!! Take a trip down memory lane with one of our retro-themed gifts! Retro and vintage gifts are more popular than ever before, and here at Quirksy, you'll find a selection of nostalgia products. If you know someone who loves a classic style full of vintage charm, you would love our range of antique boxes, fridge magnets, envelopes to zipper pouches to take them back to a more carefree era! 

Gifts from the past evoke fond memories, a sense of history, and sheer happiness. The first things that come to mind when you hear the word "Vintage" are antique pocket clocks, some shredded letters, or tin boxes, or possibly music boxes.

So, add a pop of fun and humour to your gifting with our unique vintage and retro-themed products to get people’s attention. Whether you're shopping for yourself or a Gen Xers who's hard-to-buy-for, everyone can benefit from a little vintage gift in their lives. People who value classic style would appreciate vintage or retro-inspired items. You don't have to be concerned about being spammed with retro or antique items as we are on the lookout only for the most interesting and rarest of these items!!


Mighty Wallet is the solution when you can't think of anything else. Make the dream of Marvel Comics fans come true!! The perfect gift to transport your loved ones in golden time which is sure to be a hit. Any ‘60s or ‘70s baby will appreciate this nostalgia-inducing ‘Wonder Woman Vintage Mighty Wallet’. A fun wallet perfect for the younger or young at heart who is always on the go.

Well, who doesn’t love collecting amenity kits while travelling on a flight or staying in a hotel? If you know someone who can’t resist collecting these kits give them a flashback with this vintage  ‘Ansett Australia Airline Amenities Kit’. To save time later!! If your loved ones are too much into retro stuff, they might remember Ansett Airlines. They were a major American airline until its demise in 2002. We can’t see them taking off now!! You need to gift one of these antique toiletry bags if you know someone who loves aviation history. A perfect gift to prove your jokes can land!!

Your retro-lover might have excellent sewing skills, so it’s time for you to add some sewing humour with Sew-It Zipper Pouch to keep you in stitches. They’ll fall in love with this sewing machine bag and will feel really sew-full’. It’s a Gen X-approved gift that won’t disappoint!! If your loved ones grew up in the 1960s or 1970s, they might remember when mixtapes were the rage. They were perfect for expressing unspoken sentiments or kicking off the party. Gift them this Mixtape Jumbo Pouch as it will act as a jumbled mess of emotions and memories.

These cheeky vintage-style Fridge Magnet: Once an Airhead, Always An Airhead will add a touch of humour and quirkiness into your loved ones’ house. You better go BUY it!! Whether you’re buying the fridge magnet for yourself (no judgment) or a loved one, expect lots of laughs and turning heads (in a good way, of course)

We’ll bet you haven’t seen one of these in a while? Know someone who still has a CD collection from the ’80s? Or you might know them as CDs Nuts. They take pride in showing off their CD possession and whenever they go through their old CDs and cassette tapes, it’s like a journey of self-discography. Oh well, no biggie!! Gift them Koziol - Dimitri CD Holder to park their discs on the data highway as would be a real game-changer. They can become a Record Holder!!

Does your vintage connoisseur, loves to flaunt their retro-themed accessories or glassware? Give them Ritzenhoff Glass to celebrate life’s spectacular moments and to brighten up their bar, kitchen, or display cabinet to dazzle the guests. A perfect way to make your loved ones’ day extra special this year, if they adore everything old school and retro. If there is a vintage collector in your life, they will surely be fully happy if you’ll add a pinch of humour and quirkiness to their collection.