Gifts for the ‘Night Owls’ in your circle

Everyone has a friend who comes to work with bedhead and pillow marks on their face and is still late for meetings or barely in the zone due to oversleeping. A sleep-themed gift may be the best gift ever if you have someone on your list who is constantly tossing and turning, suffers from late-night insomnia, or just enjoys snoozing.

Well, for some of my friends ‘that person is me’. I can sleep in the most awkward position, no matter if it’s a car, train, flight, couch, or office. I start each day with a hopeful thought, "I'll be back in bed in the next 16 or 17 hours." Do you feel me? People like me would be delighted to get paid for sleeping as it'd be a dream come true.

So, for all the fellow sleep lovers’, this  gift guide will make your loved ones as well as your sleep more peaceful. What are you waiting for? We are not asking you to buy somebody a bed. That’s insane!!!! We've put together a list of funny, quirky, and sarcastic sleep presents for a full-fledged insomniac or someone who just relishes sleeping.

Do you have a friend who needs endless opportunities to complain or brag about how little sleep they’re getting? But instead of falling into the same boring conversations, drop in some funny and quirky gifts to mix things up! Gift a bed, not for them but the sponges. Don’t be so mean. Think of the ‘Sponges’ too. Give them a Clean Dream - Kitchen as it's boring to scrub those greasy dirty dishes regularly. Your sponge needs a resting place too. Do you all agree with me?

Do your friends always feel a little short on their beauty sleep? If yes, these Loving Memory of Sleep Crew Socks would make a great gift for a sleep-deprived mate. Well, you can call them ‘sock-turnal’, as they will try to sleep with the socks on. Hysterical!! At least they'll have the comfort of knowing they're wearing a pair of humorous and sassy socks.

We all have mamas and daddy’s in our group, and we know they're great parents. But sanity is a moving target when parenting little ones, isn’t it? Still there comes a moment in every parent's life that they want to cry. Save them from opening the bottle of wine they kept for special occasions, because of the chaos created by their sweet loving kids. Give them BLUE Q - Sweet Tea - Raspberry’ a ray of hope and a bit of magic. Ask them to get some of this ‘Sleep Tea’ into them and shut down their sh*t & take some deep breaths. Boom, they’re f**king sleeping.

Remember the time when you asked your buddy, why are they looking tired and they start blabbering about their so-called dreams. Like I had a dream and I was playing drums last night, that’s why I woke up exhausted. Do you believe that? Time to make their dreams come true about becoming a major drum star by gifting them - XD Design - Base/Station/Amplifier’ .Let the neighbours hear loud noises coming from the loft of late-night fam-jam. It will be very ‘drum-attic’.

While your mates can’t keep calm and dream about getting married in Las Vegas. But all you hear is that, they are just are one step away from getting married, all they need is money. Where does their money go? ‘It’s like hocus pocus I’m brokus’. Surprise them with a  Savin Up For A Dream Wedding - Tin Bank , a perfectly new way to save some money!! They will appreciate you for your ‘common-cents’.

So, don’t miss the chance to put your loved ones on the road to dreamland by literally making them laugh in their dreams. Well, this sounds promising!! So, to keep your dreams alive just hit the snooze button.

Of course, we haven't done all the work for you, there is something more wacky, unconventional, trippy, and kooky, left to share. It's time to get rid of the "Live, Laugh, Love" decal and concentrate solely on the laughter. We have some amazingly gorgeous and quirky home décor gifts to make your their home purr-fect for sleeping. A flexible Florino Friendly Flower Vase when you have a simple plant that deserves a silly way to show off. Let them show off your favourite vino in a unique and funky way with the Boa Bottle Rack. Here come Magnetic Vases you might’ve never seen anything like it before. Gift this to your BFFs and say best ‘buds’ forever.

Without further ado, get ready to PIVOT, to buy some crazy and weird gifts for your friends available only on Quirksy!