Gift some sereni-tea to the tea lovers in your life!

It might be hard to believe, but not everyone loves coffee. Some people don’t kettle down for coffee as they love drinking tea to get sereni-tea’ and more ‘creativi-tea’. The  tea lovers in your life might think coffee's dangerous, but tea is not. As it gives them a sense of safe-tea. Asking your friends how you take your tea? It can be tricky as they take it ‘Seriously, Very Seriously’. Are you the one who’s trying to find a quirky present for a tea fan? Here are the most mug-nificent tea accessories for your tea fanatic friend to gift and giggle at.

Add a touch of quirkiness in your mate’s afternoon tea with this Tea House Tea Bag Dispenser. When your loved ones can’t keep things together, a smart tea dispenser can help them to share their infused curiosity with the world. Best of all? They'll invite you for a cuppa too.

If your friend is a tea-aholic they always gotta risk it to dip it. As the real sadness is dropping the biscuit in a tea. Surprise them with a super cute Biskviti - Tea Infuser as it never gets soggy. Just dunk it and get a perfect cup of tea without any mess. The best gift for someone who enjoys cookies and tea.

Just ask any tea drinker and they'll tell you: how it feels when a teabag and string fall into the cup? Tea lovers will lap up on this kind of Rudolf Tea Strainer. This tea strainer likes to fill his belly with tasty tea leaves and hangs out relaxed over the side of the cup until he’ll serve up the perfect cuppa to your tea addict.

Do your loved ones feel bad everytime after throwing a party? Because of the huge mess that everyone leaves behind? We believe there’s nothing better than gifting an amusing crass Kitchen Shithole Tea Towel to welcome the guests. Dripping with sarcasm and spilled drinks, hang it boldly in your kitchen to greet them. Maybe the next time they spill a drink, they'll figure it out. Perfect way to make your dish drying experience funny, quirky and unforgotten with our coolest tea towel collection.

 Of course, it's what's on the inside that counts but in this case the Carryall Lilli Mini Cup Set will do the talking. Did you say tea for two? A cheeky and professional hanger-on for cups to make you smile while having a sip. This cute cup holder is what the dreams of a tea-drinker are made of. Carry cookies and dispose of your brew on the go and be sorry for the dupes who didn't think to buy these.

Save someone from the horror of missing a tea break if they have a quirky personality and are
tea fanatics, then it’s time to give them Lip Shit Lip Balm-Sweet Tea RaspBerry. Tea addicts constantly need a fresh supply of tea and they will have a ‘Deja Brew’ after applying the balm on the lips.

Whether the tea lover in your life is a tea sommelier or not it doesn't matter. Our series of quirky and cheeky tea-themed gifts will take the guesswork out of the equation and turn you into a whisperer of gifts. 

So, just to let you know, if you've got a friend or family member who is ‘stroppy before coffee’, whose love of coffee defines who they are, we've got just the right presents picked out for them. Visit Quirksy, we bet you won't be able to stop yourself from loading your cart with our funny coffee-themed accessories. Once you've picked out the perfect gift, kick back, relax, and enjoy your own cup of coffee or tea!