Cool and Useful Camping Gifts for the Outdoor Lover!

What do you give someone who prefers to spend their time outside, in a tent, and beneath the stars? Who doesn't enjoy a beautiful sunset, a roaring fire in the fire pit, and the idea of slipping into a warm and comfortable sleeping bag? Do you know somebody who simply enjoys camping or hiking? They could go camping fo-rest of their life! They always say; Let’s go camping, just for the hill of it!

Nothing beats stunning views, a warm tent, a roaring campfire, and a group of pals enjoying nature. They are always in a mood to take a break for camping to catch ‘summer rays’ and are ready at every chance to put on their boots and gears to get some fresh air, whether it's a quick trek, an overnight stay at a nearby campground, a weekend adventure, or a long off-grid backpacking trip. When that long-awaited camping vacation arrives, make sure to include these outdoor staples on your packing list, and to have a blast! Let them know your ‘caravan’ about them!

We've compiled a list of camping items that we believe will assist you in making your camper buddies joyful. Oh, and they're also reasonably priced too! We guarantee that something on our list will suit your personal taste or the taste of your outdoorsy companion!

No wonder where your friends are heading for their next camping trip, it’s always a bright idea (get it?) to have some extra light on board. Gift your friends ‘1W Portable - Outdoor Light - Battery Operated’ and let them be prepared for the wilderness and tell them to look after themselves no matter Watt!! Get ready for a comeback from them that ‘You light them up!!’ So cheesy!! Imagine they are relaxing outside their tent and there is no light except for the firewood. What a turn off?? Right!! We all know how dark and secluded woods can get intimidating while camping. Give them ‘XD Design - LUMIX Large Torch’ if they are not up for campfires and flashlights; this battery-operated lantern is the best lighting choice to ease their trip. Hanging camping lights are great as your mates don’t have to go searching for a tree branch to hold a lantern! LOL!! And they won't take your gift lightly.

Even if you're off the grid, having some light when the sun goes down is important as you don’t want your mates to disappear in the dark. Give them ‘Luma SmartPhone Night Light’ and let them imagine themselves relaxing in their tent with a good book in hand, surrounded by the soothing glow of this Portable lamp attached to your smartphone flashlight. Someone’s getting LED tonight. ;)

When we go camping, it's always the small things we forget to bring...and the small things we miss the most. Cooking enthusiasts will love this ‘Camping Cutlery - Stainless Steel’ as sometimes it’s not easy to find those little pieces scattered in your bag and it’s a huge ‘re-spoonsibility’ to take charge of the cutleries. This will make a great hiking gift for someone who is planning on spending an extended period of time hiking. Won’t even add extra bulk to their supplies. This will be an un-fork-gettable gift!

When your mates are trying to get some downtime after a long trek in their camps and suddenly these little creatures come out and start ‘bugging’ them. They might have no other choice than smashing these insects on the walls or scratching their skin raw. Well that sounds painful!! Save them from those pesky bugs by gifting them ‘Fly Sword - Swatter’ and make their camping bug-less. Honestly, you can call them a buzzkill!!

Do you get worried about losing sight of your friend on a trip or being separated from pals during camping? I am lost without you!! No matter how much you guys fight, they are, in many ways, your north star, always guiding you to where you belong: besides them, ofcourse!! LOL!! Give them ‘Executive Compass - Pocket Size’ and be their guiding light in the dark. A Perfect gift to remind them; they will be lost with you!!

Whether your mates just started camping or have been doing it for years, they'll likely appreciate ‘XD Design Metro Leak Proof Tumbler’. Nothing beats plopping down around the campfire in the morning with a cup of hot coffee or in the evening after a long day of hiking or adventure. Spoil your buddy with this coffee mug as nothing ruins a good mood like a coffee that gets ‘cold’ outside. The coffee mug comes with a detachable first aid compartment, military compass with magnifier and target marker to let them survive out easily in the wilderness. We also have ‘Koziol - Aroma To Go - Insulated Coffee Cup’ to keep their drinks hot or cool and spill-free when they are ‘roughing it’ in the wild. A Brew-tiful gift way to keep their little engine running!! You will mean a ‘Latte’ to them!!

There's no need for them to describe their favourite pastime; let them put these ‘I'm An Adventure Man - Men's Crew Socks’ or ‘I F*cking Love It Out Here’ socks and let their adventure begin! If they’re the king of adventure, they’d probably be wishing to be on top of a mountain right now, wearing these quirky socks. So, let them go ahead...climb that mountain. Tackle that dream. And ask them to do it wearing these awesome socks! “Great things are afoot!”

When your friends are camping, the last thing they want to see is their phone drenched in water. So, what's a better camping gift than a ‘I Like Who I Am Becoming Zipper Pouch’ . Tell them you have got them and their phone covered. Now they can easily call you and click pictures of the beautiful scenery as their phone will be perfectly fine, just in case!!

Don't forget about their four-legged pal, who also enjoys camping! Gift them ‘WUFF'N'GO Dog Travel Bowl’ as we frequently treat our dogs better than we treat ourselves (and every thirsty dog deserves a bowl of water!). Let them keep their buddies hydrated and happy no matter where they are. So, their next adventure won’t be ruff on their pup!!

We've all got those teeny-tiny tubes of lip balm that, no matter how much you buy, you always manage to lose or need more of. Everyone might benefit from a little chapstick every now and then, especially if your friends are going out for hiking. Gift them ‘Lip Shit Lip Balm’, to keep them ‘Balm’ and Carry on!

You've come to the correct spot if you're searching for presents for camping enthusiasts that go beyond a tent and a stocking full of freeze-dried meals. For the camper in your life, choose from our selection of the greatest and most creative camping gift ideas.

There's something wonderful about detaching from your hectic daily routine and reconnecting with yourself in nature. So, if you are going camping with your better half who appreciates camping and spending time in nature, then we have got a collection of practical and cheeky gifts on Quirksy for your boyfriend or girlfriend to keep your love sparkling. The couple that camps together, stays together, right?