Cool and Humorous Gifts For Home Decor Lovers In Your Life

Decor gifts for friends or loved ones

When it comes to decorating a new house, your loved ones might be very finicky about it. You see their house displayed with all their photographs, every space is decorated with expensive Sh*t. Not just that they might have a bunch of scented candles all over the place than any local store. But they still wonder, "What else can they buy and use?". That’s totally Insane. Right?

It may seem strange, but they might ‘aDoor’ and have a deep attachment to household furnishings. So, think of something unique and cheeky to surprise them and make their house a place where you all can enjoy having a good time.

So, if they are planning to organise a housewarming party anytime soon, don’t just walk up there with a boring bottle of wine. Thinking that they love to drink. We have a different collection for the drink lovers, you can check that out later or maybe you can buy something to pamper yourself. Moving on it's time to infuse some sense of humour into their home design, if they are amongst the one who appreciates a humorous joke.

If you are just in a gift-giving mood, there are some great places in their home that you might get to start from.  There are an infinite number of trinkets and décor things that these areas may employ to make them more attractive and quirky, such as attractive vases, centrepieces, soap sets, and more. Still unsure what to gift to commemorate this fantastic new milestone? We’ve lined up a plethora of quirky and unusual décor and storage products that will liven up their home and have their family and friends doing double takes and laughing in no time!

If you have a friend who has done a degree in losing the keys, let us pause for a minute of silence to remember the keys that couldn't be here with them today; the ones they lost, or the ones they left behind. Gift them ‘8-Bit Magnetic Key Holder’ to ensure that they never lose another key again. This magnetic key holder won’t let them toss and turn their whole house into a mess. Well, they won’t be able to make an excuse that they can’t find their keys anymore!

Do tin boxes still hold a special place in your heart? Maybe it's because we adored them as kids and stored our cherished treasures in a worn printed tin box. If your loved ones are from those who like to collect vintage stuff and are a party freak, gift them ‘Amsterdam - Come Party with us - Tin Pocket Box ‘  to let them keep their nick-nacks in it and dream about partying in Amsterdam. They won't be able to keep them hidden in a drawer. That’s for sure!! You might know someone who is obsessed with stationery and is almost out of space to store their stuff, give them this cool collectible  ‘Art Supplies Tin Storage Box’. Let them show off their vintage matchbook filled with surplus art supplies. That would be a perfectly ‘art-right’ gift for them.

Check out our other tin boxes collection from ‘World class junk petite cigar box’ for the smoker in your life as they know their Junk is not an actual Junk, it's "World Class Junk!" But they are a ‘Keeper’. Or ‘Top Recipes Storage Tin Box’ for your ‘sweet-tooth’ friend to store their favourite treats, which they can enjoy afterwards.

Is there a better way to surprise your décor connoisseur other than a beautiful wall art? That’s not even a matter of opinion just plain fact, no one could fail to be thrilled and grateful to receive such a special gift. If you want to add intrigue and drama to your their walls, gift them 'Mahamayuri - Authentic Brass Handicraft Wall Art' . If you are a little stuck for inspiration we have added a wealth of other magnificent wall art pieces to enhance the appeal of any room. Browse our collection from Syamantaka - Authentic Brass Handicraft Gingko  Biloba - Brass Handicraft , to Exquisite Gingko - Brass Handicraft Wall Art.

There are many ways to create a statement in their room, from gifting a memorable accent wall canvas to finding the perfect vintage décor pieces. 

Your mate’s life revolves around drinking and they have a big collection of imported wine, whiskey or rum. But you see all their bottles stocked up in drawers or in an old and tedious wine rack. It’s time to add some spark and character to their collection with ‘Boa Bottle Rack’. But, unlike its namesake (or should we say "name-snake"), this quirky design can hold up to 5 bottles with flair and finesse. The rack is not limited to vino only, they can also use it to keep their clean towels in the bathroom, or can turn it into a magazine rack for the living room. What else can you use it for? Keep on imagining!!

Here's the perfect solution: an ‘Impossible Bottle’ for your friends who love to showcase their vintage collection. What used to seem impossible is not possible. There's no magic, no trickery!! From a distance, it'll fool even the most discerning design eye, as it seems hard to squeeze something into a bottle and the best part? They can easily put their prized possession into a display, standing or lying on its side, in a seemingly impossible way through the bottom lid. With this cheeky and quirky bottle, you can help your friends and family create a fantastic first impression on those who visit their house.

We all have seen hooks in the shape of animals, flowers, or our favourite cartoon characters. We don’t usually put much effort in looking out for a unique hook as it is only used for hanging things on. Let’s add a humorous and playful element in their home if they are into cooking or Just love to eat. Make them furious with ‘Stuck on you, saucepan with hook’ which can be thrown all over the place. Not only the kitchen!!

Shed some light onto the mystery of making your friend's living space a stylish and awesome place to hang out. So why settle for mediocre? Replace that boring lamp with something a little more modern like the ‘Oliver Concrete Table Lamp’. Whether they want to unwind with a nice book in the evening, play games on their phone, or catch up with their partner during the day, this bedside lamp will solve all their purposes. Let it glow!!

We're confident that after only two minutes of browsing through our décor and storage gift ideas blog, you might have found something which is not only apt for your friend but also LOL-WORTHY that will get them cracking up in no time. 

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