Add a twist in your mundane mornings with some caffeine inspired gifts!

‘De gustibus non est disputandum’ there’s no accounting for taste and that’s true when it comes to coffee. And as we all know, there are two kinds of people: those who do not drink coffee, and the ones who can’t function without it. The ‘Boring ones’ have blood running in their bodies and then there are some who always feel more espresso and less depresso as their blood type is Coffee

If you have someone extraordinary who falls into the category of a coffee snob, then spread some fresh cosy coffee vibes by gifting them a coffee-themed product. Your caffeine-addicted friends will surely get addicted to you and these gifts. These unique and coffee-related presents will support them in their habit and are so perfect that no matter what the temperament of your oh-so-temperamental coffee lover is, they will adore it.

As Rachel and Ross were on a break, the coffee lovers with this
‘Koziol - AROMA TO GO Insulated Coffee cup’ can definitely say, ‘we were on a coffee break’. For the busy people on the go this is the best as they can have a hot cup of coffee or fill-er-up anytime and anywhere. Because an hour spent without caffeine is a wasted hour.

There is no messing around when it comes to coffee. Show off this funny ‘Sketch Coaster’
when you are just not in the mood to deal with any crazy shit. These sassy coasters are great for the introverts out there who like to keep it low. Waking up to its sight every morning with a hot cup of coffee would definitely make someone’s day.

Name One Thing Better than Coffee, it's a rhetorical question, a challenge, and impossible to answer for all the coffee lovers out there. It’s a perfect gift for your mates who love to drink good things and spill them. Let this be a warning to all who dare to approach them before their daily dose of caffeine.

Give your loved ones a caffeine boost with
LIP SHIT LIP BALM-MOCHA ALMOND for the times when there is no coffee to have, or they don't have time to prepare one. This is the best way to keep the enticing aroma of coffee close to them all day. There is no better way to keep the flames of caffeine alive. Although this may just be a gag gift, they might actually end up using it. As sometimes drinking a cup of coffee isn't always practical, but they can get a taste of coffee to rely on.

We all have a mate who’s life is ‘Running on caffeine’, like literally!! Well, it's time to brighten up their morning and espresso your feelings with a Tastes Like Coffee Toothbrush. Sounds hilarious. Right? Tell them this toothbrush is ‘es-pressily’ designed for you. A Perfect way to make the dull, mundane job of brushing your teeth fun again. Indeed!

These funny and quirky coffee presents would definitely bring a smile to everyone’s face and set them off to a good start. Surely, they are going to enjoy these cute presents and appreciate the thought that came with them.

Worried about your tealicious folks? You can’t go wrong as tea drinkers take their brew very seriously. No stress as we’ve got
tea-rrific gifts to warm their hearts and get the Par-Tea(ty) started. Give them Go Away Tea Towel which is a perfect anti-housewarming present as they don’t like sharing the tea. Your tea obsessed mates would swoon over these hilarious and useful tea gifts and they’re gonna remember you for the rest of their lives as their one tea-ru friend! So, check out Quirksy now and submerge yourself into the world of coffees and teas curated especially for the caffeine addicts in you!