Zcan+ Scanner Mouse

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The Zcan+ Scanner Mouse makes copying physical text to your computer an absolute breeze!


Make instant digital copies with your Zcan+. Just swipe over any newspaper, document, note, or photo and that's it; any text and images will appear instantly on your screen!


After canning your document, Zcan+ will convert it into editable text and places it directly to any application. (Word, Excel, Email ... etc)


Your scanned document can be translated into different languages with Google Translate. French <-> English, Spanish <-> English, Japanese <-> English ... and 64 more languages available!


You can send your scanned files via e-mail, social network services, e.g. Facebook, Twitter ... etc

Package includes

Zcan+ Scanner Mouse, Scan Pad, User's Manual, and DVD software.


Zcan+ Scanner Mouse
Zcan+ Scanner Mouse
Zcan+ Scanner Mouse
Zcan+ Scanner Mouse