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UFO Solar Balloon - 10ft - Powered by Sun

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Your child can have fun in the fields or in your lawn with this Toysmith UFO Solar Balloon. This Toysmith is apt for children aged 8 years and above, experiencing a magical rise in the balloon. This Toysmith UFO Solar Balloon could get your child excited like never before with its unique features. This UFO comes as a deflated ball, pull the nozzle attached on the ball to fill it with air. You can place your mouth on the nozzle and blow air into it. Plug the nozzle using its cap and once it’s sealed, push the nozzle into the ball to hide it. This Solar Balloon is 10 feet long and 2 feet wide, it's a huge entertainer for your child. This Balloon can also be filled using an air pump till it attains the apt shape. Your child can spin in the air with this Balloon. The bright sunlight warms this  UFO Solar for a few minutes and it soars. Let your child have fun in the backyard playing with this Toysmith UFO Solar Balloon.

Fill the UFO Solar Balloon with air, attach the string and watch it magically lift off! Thermodynamic energy in full view! Observe this giant  Solar Bag come to life as it starts absorbing the sun's energy through micro-pores. Bright direct sunlight warms it in a few minutes and it soars! 10' LONG! x 2' wide 60' of string and instructions!

What you'll get:

  • 1 UFO Solar Bag (10 Feet)
  • String
  • Instructions

Incredible Science Fun Learning Ideas:

  • Be amazed at the awesome power of solar power and discuss thermodynamic energy.
  • Learn and hypothesize why the solar bag works best in cool morning hours.
  • Discuss why the solar bag rises and why the color of the bag and thickness plays a huge role in liftoff!

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UFO Solar Balloon - 10ft - Powered by Sun
UFO Solar Balloon - 10ft - Powered by Sun
UFO Solar Balloon - 10ft - Powered by Sun