Sun Solo Solar Window Charger
Sun Solo Solar Window Charger
XD design solar charger
solar window charger
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Sun Solo Solar Window Charger


Solar energy is without any doubt one of the cleanest types of energy.
Wouldn’t it be perfect if we could capture this energy in a eco-friendly way and turn it into power?

For the solar charger Sun Solo it’s a piece of cake! You can use the Sun Solo at home, in the car or on a boat. This window solar charger collects all sunlight during the day and stores it on the internal 2.500 mAh Li-poly battery. The strong suction cup makes it easy to place it on your window in no time and collect as much energy as possible. When you place the Sun Solo on the window collecting sun-energy, a green LED indicator will be turned on. This means that the device is collecting sun-energy. Furthermore white led indicators will show the status of the battery. With a full battery you can easy charge your mobile devices such as; phones, tablets, camera’s and MP3/MP4 players.

•    Easy on/off due to suction cup.
•    Suitable for USB chargeable phones and tablets.
•    Light weight, easy for travelling
•    Unique design
•    LED battery indicator