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Mini SOI Handbag Light


Handbags are usually like black holes. Everything you wanted does not fit in the bag but when you need something, nothing can be found.

Fortunately Germans have come up with the greatest idea ever. Tiny handbag light that only weights 14 grams! Just place your mini SOI into your handbag and when your hand reaches the bag, SOI senses the heat of your hand and switches on. When there's no hand in sight, SOI keeps switched off. Battery will last a looong time but when the time comes, it can be replaced.

Mini SOI is especially designed for those smaller clutches and tinier handbags. If you like to use bigger bags, you may want to consider the bigger SOI. Take a look at the regular-sized Soi Handbag Light here!

  • Diameter 5 cm
  • Height 1.8 cm
  • Weight 14 g
  • CR2032 battery included
  • Battery can be replaced

Made in Germany