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Eye Spy Door Decor

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Make the peep hole on your door more unique with this sticker! Fun and special, this sticker is sure to be a great conversation starter!

I spy: eye spy! If we are going to peep, let’s do it with style. These spy-hole stickers will decorate your front door and give the peek act a brand new perspective. 

Material: Sticker
camera 8.5 x 14 cm / telescope 5 x 16.5 cm / gun 11 x 17.5 cm

Design - Telescope 

Founded in 2004, Peleg Design is a unique studio that uses three principles to create one-of-a-kind homeware: pieces must be useful, eye-catching, and above all, humorous! Their quirky, colorful pieces are designed to make your living space a little more gorgeous and your life a little easier while using optical illusions to give you a fresh perspective on everyday objects! 

Eye Spy Door Decor
Eye Spy Door Decor
Eye Spy Door Decor