Cheeky "Bobby", Sugar and Candy Bowl

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Elegant, comfortable Sugar "Bobby" is not only attracts attention, but once again makes you want to touch her, to take up the bright cap and pour one more spoon of sugar in your tea or coffee. Do not be surprised if during a tea party with dishes Contento, sugar will disappear very quickly.

The accessory has a spherical shape and is made ​​of stainless steel. Sugar "Bobby" is made ​​in retro-style, thanks to a handy lid, it is unnecessary to take - just enough to move it a little to one side to gain sugar. Also, the dishes can be used for the original supply of candy and other sweets.


Region: Germany
Producer: Contento
Diameter: 130 mm
Made from: Metal
Color - Assorted

Cheeky "Bobby", Sugar and Candy Bowl
Cheeky "Bobby", Sugar and Candy Bowl
Cheeky "Bobby", Sugar and Candy Bowl