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Do you need high-quality and ultra-bright LED lights for yourself or as a gift? Are you tired of using your old Christmas lights to illuminate your home and create ambient lighting? Let’s face it, they just aren’t bright enough, require electricity, and you constantly need to untangle them? How about LED lights that are so versatile you can literally use them anywhere?

Let’s present you with the Luminoodle, the brightest and most versatile USB lighting solution created by Power Practical. It’s easy to use, it’s safe for everyone, and it’s practical as hell, not to mention that it doesn’t tangle, it’s USB-powered, waterproof, and can be hanged in a plethora of ways – what more can you ask for in LEDs?

What’s more, the Luminoodle light rope can be used in two different ways. The first one, obviously, is as a light rope that can be hung, hooked, and wrapped around anything. The second way in which you can use the Luminoodle is as a lantern. Just put the light rope in the Luminoodle nylon bag and you’ve got yourself a bright and super-modern lantern that you can take anywhere.

So, if you want to treat yourself with the coolest LEDs on the market or delight a friend or a loved one with these special lights, the Luminoodle will not let you down. We offer three different Luminoodle sets at Quirky, so let’s go over each so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

Luminoodle Light Rope

You get 1.5 meters long Luminoodle light rope, a bag where you can keep the lights when you’re not using them but that can also be used as a lantern, magnets, and three noodle ties. This is the bestselling set so far, so grab it before it’s gone!

Luminoodle Light Rope and Power Bank Charger

With this set, you also get 1.5 meters long light rope with the lantern bag, magnets, and three noodle ties. In addition to this, you get a USB power bank charger that you can take anywhere with you and charge your LEDs in case you need to charge them again. But wait, there’s more! This power bank is not only good for the Luminoodle lights, but for your smartphone as well. So, if you don’t yet have a power bank, this might be the best deal for you.

Luminoodle Color Light Rope

The third Luminoodle set we offer at Quirksy comes with a twist. Again, you get 1.5 meters long light rope, a lantern bag, magnets, and noodle ties. However, these LEDs are colorful with up to 15 different colors you can choose from and three white modes as well! Furthermore, you also get a wireless remote since there are 10 brightness settings so you can create the perfect lighting and a special atmosphere, both outdoors and indoors.

Different Ways to Use Your Luminoodle

Let’s start off by saying that the Luminoodle can be used literally anywhere. Don’t believe us? Let’s give you some ideas.

Picnics and Camping

If you love the outdoors and enjoy camping or backpacking with friends, doing night barbecuing or picnics, the Luminoodle light rope is something that’ll make your experience not only easier but much more enjoyable as well. It can be hanged literally anywhere. You can light your campsite by attaching it to branches of a tree, your car or van, put it directly on your table or picnic blanket, or transform the rope into a lantern by putting it in the nylon bag.

Outdoor and Indoor Decoration

Want to decorate your backyard or patio? No problem, these LEDs are perfect for the job. Since it’s waterproof, the Luminoodle can be left outside at all times, or at least until it needs to be charged again. Now you can read your favorite book in your backyard or patio, just attach the Luminoodle on anything that’s close to where you want to relax and enjoy.

Besides decorating outdoors, this light rope is perfect for some indoor decoration as well so you can create a special atmosphere in your home! You can attach it behind the TV, put it around a mirror and create your own bright vanity mirror, attach it in your closet if it’s too dark, and so on. Since it’s waterproof, you can also put it in your bathroom, and even in your aquarium if you have one – how cool is that?

Safety for You and Your Pet

If you enjoy running or riding a bike after the sun goes down, the Luminoodle can keep you safe on the streets. Simply wrap it around your chest like a pageant sash and you’ll be very visible while jogging or biking in the dark. Plus, it’s so light that you won’t even feel you’re wearing it.

This light rope is so safe and practical that you can even use it for your pet! If you walk your dog during the night and you’re afraid that it might get lost in the dark, simply wrap the Luminoodle around its body and you’ll find the doggo in no time by following the light.

Emergency Light

If you have these LED lights, you’ll never be out of light ever again. If there’s ever a power outage in your area, these LEDs can be your emergency light that will illuminate your house and keep you safe.

Is your car in need of repair and you lack proper lighting? Attach the Luminoodle light rope on the inside of your hood and you’ll be able to see everything crystal clear. Do you have a project in your garage but the lighting in there lacks brightness? No problem, the Luminoodle will illuminate your space and give you the brightness you need.


We already mentioned that the light rope transforms into a lantern once you put it in the nylon bag that comes with all three sets. The special bag ensures that the lantern is super-bright and you can carry it around anywhere you want.

Don’t Forget About the Gift Card

Are you looking to buy a Luminoodle light rope as a gift for a special someone and are not sure which set to choose? If you can’t decide whether the gift recipient would enjoy white or colored light, or if you’re unsure if he or she already has a power bank or not, the best thing you can do is give them a gift card.

This way they can choose the Luminoodle set they need the most and you’ll be remembered as the person who gave them the best gift ever. We have a few different amounts you can choose from, so there’s something for anyone’s budget.

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