Legnoart Spicy "RISER" Buffet-, Party and Aperitivplatte

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Product Description

Product Description

The Riser buffet party stand is a great way to kick off any occasion. With the clean porcelain finish on each plate, this display tray can hold any of your snacking favorites. From cookies, to sandwiches, to candies and more, set out this modern serving tray and let your family and guests enjoy the sweet and savory treats it delivers. Easily washable and sturdy in structure, Riser can carry virtually any food item.

Product Details
  • ColorsViolet
  • Materials 
  • Measurements 
    10.8" Diameter x 11.8" High
  • OriginItaly

2 plates on stand

About the Designer
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Enrico Albertini

This Italian craftsman takes pride in each of his designs- from intricate wall clocks, to wine bottle racks, Enrico Albertini is a gifted designer with a passion for crafting sturdy, yet beautiful everyday tools and appliances.